2B Reverbed By 2B Played Is FREE Until November 1st


2B Played offers the 2B Reverbed (€16,53) reverb plugin as a FREE download until November 1st, 2022.

2B Reverbed is very easy to use – it is nicely designed with a very straightforward user interface. The generated reverb effect, while not overly natural sounding, can be used with great effect to add depth to your mix. This plugin is free until November 1st with the code 2BFREE.

The plugin comes with six presets (Huge Space, Low Drive, Vocal Drive, Vocal Verb, and Width High). These presets sound good and provide a useful starting point for creating your custom reverb settings.

Control-wise, there are knobs for controlling the space and size, going from a very small bedroom-size studio to giant cathedral-like spaces and otherworldly abysses.

The built-in high-pass filter lets you remove some of the business generated by the reverb algorithm, although an actual EQ would have been a good addition to this plugin. It is recommended to use a third-party EQ plugin to fine-tune the reverb’s tone so that it sits perfectly in your mix.

The Gain and Drive controls are a nice addition – the saturation algorithm is decent and perfectly capable of adding a little bit of fuzz and/or dirt to the reverb.

Overall, this is a good plugin and a nice-sounding set of reverbs with a good degree of customization. The plugin could be improved with a little more variance or a combination with another effect like a delay. However, it is well-designed and sounds great. Producers looking for a compact yet versatile reverb plugin should download this while it is still on offer for free.

If you happen to miss the deadline to download 2B Reverbed for free, there are a host of other freeware reverbs for producers on a budget.

This includes the popular Valhalla Super Massive, a diverse reverb and delay plugin with some great experimental qualities and features. There’s also TAL-Reverb-4, a reverb built with an 80s character in mind. Black Rooster Audio’s recently released RO-GOLD is an excellent reverb plugin based on vintage 70s hardware. And if you want something a bit different, try our free BPB Dirty Spring.

2B Reverbed is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS. The free download offer expires on November 1st.

Get the deal: 2B Reverbed (free until November 1st with the code 2BFREE)


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  1. can’t install this plugin. it complains about an error in the secure channel support. (win 7 sp1) i turned on tls2 in internet options and installed reccommended update but still same error. winhttp.winhttprequest an error occurred in the secure channel support
    i vaguely remember a problem installing another one of their vst’s some time ago, i binned it in the end. i think this might go the same way. not complaining at all just stating my personal experience.please just zip a vst3 file and keep it simple : ) thanks bpb
    love this site.

  2. Can’t get one if you’re from Russia. The country isn’t in the billing details’ options, and a russian ZIP code won’t fit.
    Just for the information…

    • cant you use a random country and zip code? ( google) it’s not like you will receive mail from them.you could be using a vpn as far as matching your ip goes : )

      • I probably could. It’s just that I don’t feel like doing any mumbo jumbo like that, why should I?
        It feels like you can’t get a plugin that is free for everyone, but only you have darker skin.

        • From Sweden, but I agree with Mike. Cancerous escalation towards total politicization of our entire existance this past century. Its just the same masters of war as always, trying to pin us against each other.

          For solidarity with my Russian brethren i will boycott 2B for life, just like I have with paypal, twitter, facebook, google, duckduckgo, wimbledon, pfizer, coca cola, israel etc etc etc, and I urge anyone with a heart to do the same.

          • So true. I did not expext so reasonable statement from western world citizen. It was pleasure to read it. Greetings from Poland!

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