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Plugin Boutique offers a choice of two November Gifts, free with any purchase until November 21st. Customers can choose between zplane deCode LE and Melda Production MReverbMB.

It’s November already, and time for another free gift from Plugin Boutique.

To claim your free gift, you must make a qualifying purchase, which means any paid product. As always, you can’t pay in full with a voucher or virtual cash, but anything less than 100% is fine.

This month, you can choose between two gifts: zplane deCode LE or Melda Production’s MReverbMB.

zplane deCode LE

deCode LE is a tool that makes learning new songs easier. The plugin analyzes songs and provides helpful information, starting with the Key signature, time signature, tempo, and chord structure.

It identifies different sections of the track so you can easily loop a specific part, like the intro or chorus. It also provides a piano roll to view the notes being played and isolate the part you need (guitar, bass, and so on). While practicing, you can change the tempo without altering the pitch and even change the key, which is useful if you have a singer who needs to transpose.

deCode LE comes with a special version of IK Multimedia’s Amplitube 4 and four extra amp models. It is a standalone application for macOS (10.15 – 12) and Windows (10 – 11).

Melda Production MReverbMB

MReverbMB is a multiband reverb plugin that allows you to process up to six bands simultaneously.

This multiband version of Melda Production’s first-ever reverb plugin comes with some handy features, making it easy to position and shape your sound.

MReverbMB lets move the sound source around any chosen room, giving more control over the reverb.

Once the foundations are set, you can add some analog character to the sound with integrated tube saturation. You can then add some movement and interest to your sound using up to four global modulators.

If you need more precise control over the reverb, you have a fully-adjustable three-band EQ, and each band offers seven different filter types.

MReverbMB has a default interface with limited controls (for a quick start) and an advanced interface with deeper options.

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  1. Got this reverb yesterday, and as with all Melda’s plugins, this is a rabbithole and a half of possibilities.
    Amazing quality too.
    Haven’t been able to get any shimmer type fx yet tho, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.
    Still playing with it, and having tons of fun:)

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