Blaque Virtual Guitar Instrument Is FREE For A Limited Time


VST Alarm offers the Blaque ($19 value) dark electric guitar virtual instrument by New Nation as a free download for a limited time.

Blaque dark electric guitar has been designed to give players an easy way into some classic and some experimental guitar sounds. Characterized by dark and grimy lo-fi textures, this plugin is useful for any producer wanting to turn their guitar into something a little sludgier.

These guitar sounds are ready to play in an array of genres: whether it’s classic guitar sounds like punk, grunge, and rock or adding something a little different sounding to genres like contemporary jazz and trap.

There’s a lot to play with in Blaque, and it’s a bargain whilst it’s free. This offer is available for a limited time only. The offer will expire on November 28th, when it will return to its regular value of $19.00.

New Nation built this VST by sampling real electric guitar players and playing through countless guitar amps and effects. The 30 available presets are varied, ranging from classic tones to experimental patches.

You can preview how the instrument sounds in the demo video below.

The sampled sounds are played by four sampler engines. Thanks to this feature, users are able to blend four different presets to create one layered sound. Producers who prefer not to customize the presets will enjoy this feature, as it is a guaranteed way to engineer a unique sound.

The available effects are simple but offer a decent degree of control and sculpting capabilities. You get a delay, a filter, and a reverb, all quite useful and with simple controls.

The ‘artifacts’ effects are an interesting addition, great for increasing or removing digital distortion and other strange blips in the high frequencies.

Overall, for beginner players and producers, Blaque is a great way to get a source of guitar sounds and some playful effects. This plugin might not be a game changer in the market, but there is no doubt that it is very useful.

Download it for free for a limited time. The offer expires on November 28th, when it will return to its regular value of $19.00.

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    • Says the code expired, so wtf did I time warp from 11-16-2022 to November 28th of the same year with just a click.
      Don’t think so. So what’s up with this? I call bs

  1. A bit of a hoop jump, as code has to be got from on site to be used in another. But I am grateful for the freebie :-)

  2. It has nice sounding samples if I skip the presets and use only one guitar. A good module to start a project with and search for the right sound later if the build in samples don’t cut. Very handy instrument. Thanks to Vstalarm, New Nation, and of course BPB team!

  3. I didn’t bother, I don’t see why a site needs so much of my personal information to get a free product.

    This personal data mining is starting to get on my nerves frankly.

    Looks like a really good product…but a no from me

    • @Sven i agree, but sometimes its just the sales process you need to go through. Its kind of a small price to pay for something that probably took a considerable amount work to create.
      For what its worth, i would usually only give limited information on any of these order forms anyway.

  4. Is anyone else getting block size / latency issues? I keep hearing a “ticking” sound when playing the samples, even when adjusting the dropout protection / latency settings in my DAW.

  5. Richard Cooper


    Problems trying to install samples to different drive. I specified where to install but then the programs wants me to point to them and they aren’t there and neither is the other hl? File that it wants to apparently download them again. Had to register with AlarmVST and again with the plugin site too. A few too many hoops to try it, but sounds cool enough in the video demo. Too bad.

  6. Z downloadem wtyczki same problemy, proces rejestracyjny ciągnie się bez końca, horror… cały czas odsyła mnie do płatnej wersji, kod nie działa, poddałem się..

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