Infected-Sounds Release FREE 303 Deluxe Bassline Synthesizer


Infected-Sounds releases 303 Deluxe, a freeware bassline synthesizer for digital audio workstations on Windows.

303 Deluxe is a free virtual instrument inspired by the Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer. With so many 303 clones around, is there room for yet another virtual 303?

Infected-Sounds is a software manufacturer specializing in VST instruments developed using FlowStone. Their plugin catalog is suitable for both beginners and advanced musicians.

Inspired by the well-known TB303 bassline synthesizer, 303 Deluxe offers a decent selection of presets and a multitude of modulation choices. It also features built-in effects and the ability to layer waveforms. The pack of 64 sounds you start with is enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Additionally, this plugin comes with sixteen morphable waveforms, an oscillator, and eight powerful FX modules that extend the sound design capabilities provided by the 303-style synth engine.

The easy-to-use modulation options can be understood and manipulated by both amateurs and professionals. Sound alteration possibilities are endless with its five filter modes, three envelopes, five low-frequency oscillators, and many other settings to try and experiment with.

Synthesizers are now used in almost every known music genre. It is the only electric instrument that can compete with electric guitars in terms of versatility and richness. The bass synth, like the electric guitar, has inspired entirely new genres of music.

303 Deluxe allows you to experiment with acid-style basslines and produce juicy analog bass and leads, as well as very crisp-sounding arpeggios and noise sweeps. These and other features win this bass synth a notable place in the company of other 303 clones.

It will generously cover all your needs ranging from super fat bass and leads to SFX sounds with plenty of filter resonance. The only limit to the variety of sounds produced by this bass synth is your creativity. Truly a useful addition to any free VST library.

303 Deluxe comes in VST and VST3 plugin formats and operates on both Windows 32 and 64-bit. It requires you to have “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013,” which you can download for free.

It seems that the developer changed the price of this plugin a few times from $0 to $5.  303 Deluxe is currently free, but please leave a comment if you notice another price change, and we will update the article accordingly. Thank you.

Download: 303 Deluxe


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      • Yes, buy the free license, download the demo from the page, and put the license in that folder, to have the plug full functional.

  1. Moisés Pevidor Nascimento


    I noticed that its GUI is not working properly. It shows only half of the thing on ableton. Someone noticing the same?

          • Yes, the .lic file is in the same folder as the dll and vst3. And the plugin clearly shows “registered”.
            I’m on Reaper. I have the necessary C++ runtime in my system. The sound is not clipped in the mixer, the plugin consumes circa 3% CPU.
            In the ancient era of early VST’s, over 20 years ago, some VSTi had bad envelopes that caused “popping/crackilng”. This sounds somewhat similar.

              • That was quick!
                Seems that there is still a trace of the problem – the crackles appear less often and are much quieter. I think this could be masked in a mix, e.g. by hihats.

  2. Infected Sounds


    We will check up the envelope problem for you. When does it hapend?

    Send me a mail to [email protected] and i will check into this clicking. Just need to know when it hapens and pls send me a preset of that click.

  3. Thanx for the offer!
    But I have some problems. There are no presets and the plugin does not react to me turning the knobs and all. When I opened the preset folder it said: empty folder.
    I probably did something wrong, but what?

    Anyway, I love BRP. Already had a lot of fun with all your offerings!

  4. Infected Sounds


    The distortion popping seem still to be there we will have one of our guy checking this and track down for an update.

  5. It is good to check the many different VST’s on offer regularly.

    Pricing is very low and B4ss Deluxe 2 is currently free.:-)

  6. Hi ,you need to open the file user zoom.ini in the folder 303 deluxe with a notepad and increase the value (like 20) to reduce the gui size

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