Plugin Boutique Launches Solid State Logic SSL Fusion Mega Sale


Plugin Boutique launches the Solid State Logic SSL Fusion Mega Sale with an 80% OFF discount on SSL plugins until November 13th, 2022.

Plugin Boutique knows how to put on a great sale, and this one is taking a massive 80% off some seriously expensive plugins by Solid State Logic.

There are five plugins on offer in the SSL Fusion Mega Sale, and they all have a list price of £199. With the 80% discount, the price drops to £37.96 for each plugin, which is incredible but annoying because I don’t want to buy them all, but I want to buy them all.

The included plugins are:

  • SSL Fusion HF Compressor
  • SSL Fusion Stereo Image
  • SSL Fusion Transformer
  • SSL Fusion Vintage Drive
  • SSL Fusion Violet EQ

We recently talked about the SSL Fusion HF Compressor, and in that post, I mentioned I don’t have many SSL plugins, but I like the ones I have, so I’m keen to expand the collection.

The SSL Fusion plugins are based on vintage SSL hardware processors and offer a more affordable way to get close to a very sought-after sound (especially right now).

The SSL Fusion HF Compressor is a sophisticated tool that helps tame problematic high frequencies and clean up vocals without being too intrusive/destructive.

Alan Blumlein inspired the concept behind the SSL Fusion Stereo Field plugin. The prolific inventor/engineer, in 1931, invented what he called Binaural Sound (later Stereophonic Sound), apparently, after a trip to the cinema where the direction of the sound didn’t always match the on-screen action. The plugin allows you to narrow/widen the stereo image (Width) and cut/boost bass frequencies in the side signal (Space), and the new Shuffle function lets you tweak the cutoff in the Space circuit.

SSL Fusion Transformer adds weight to the low-end while helping you adjust or remove high-end sheen. A natural low-end roll-off increases with the input level when driving the circuit harder.

If you want an even thicker low-end, you can use the LF Extend function to switch out the low-frequency roll-off. Although trying to recreate the sound of the hardware processor, the plugin allows you to amplify harmonic distortion beyond the effects of the hardware.

SSL Fusion Vintage Drive utilizes a non-linear saturation circuit to emulate the tonal sweet spot of an analog console. It does so by introducing harmonics, soft-clipping, and natural compression. It comes with a Mix control, allowing you to blend the wet with the original signal. It includes presets from world-class producers/engineers like Michael Brauer.

SSL Fusion Violet EQ is modeled on the company’s first new analog EQ circuit in over 25 years. The plugin aims to mimic the 2-band shelving EQ of the hardware processor as closely as possible in a user-friendly, intuitive GUI.

With so much experience and time going into selecting frequencies, response curves, and gain limits, the plugin should deliver musical results with minimal effort. It also features a handy FAT button, which adds an instant bump to the low end.

These plugins all have an ECO Mode function for lower latency and CPU-friendly performance.

If anyone has any favorites from this collection, let me know in the comments; my interest is leaning most toward the SSL Fusion Vintage drive right now.

Plugin Boutique has a bunch of deals available now, including 74% off iZotope’s Neoverb. Every purchase includes a free copy of deCode LE or MReverbMB.

Download: SSL Fusion Mega Sale (80% OFF until November 13th, 2022)


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  1. I LOVE the Vintage Drive! I have all the fusion plugins except the EQ. It’s just a low and high shelf lol. Vintage drive is the one I use the most.

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