Get 90% OFF Orb Synth Wavetable Synthesizer (Only $5)


Plugin Boutique is granting a generous 90% OFF deal on the Orb Synth by Orb Plugins for a limited time. Make haste and get it for a whopping $5 instead $50.

Orb Plugins focus on developing complex algorithms and AI tools that help musicians in midi generation and smart composition. They have a full orb producer suite which this plugin is part of, and its main focus is AI music composition. Intriguing right?

With its one-page interface and one-knob-per-function setting, Orb Synth takes a straightforward approach to wavetable synthesis. It appears to be a simplified version of Ableton’s Wavetable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make complicated sounds. With bi-polar depth controls, Orb Synth includes four modulation sources that may be routed to nine distinct destinations.

Orb is a fairly usable synth right out of the box. The built-in presets are advanced enough to assist you in configuring your own sound. Even when going with a preset, you can still tweak filters and change modulation. The wave table is easily fine-tuned on the oscillators, and it’s all very intuitive.

Its two envelope generators (ADSRs) allow you to modify the output envelope (AMP) or other synth settings (ENV), and the modulation matrix allows you to attach additional modifiers, such as the LFO1, LFO2, to certain synth parameters.

The Orb Synth has four main effects that you can experiment with: delay, reverb, glide, and drive. All the controls are easy to access on the interface and have visual interfaces that show in real-time how the sound wave is being affected.

On top of the two oscillators and two filters, this smart plugin has one sub-oscillator that adds a single unison, octave, or 2-octave tone below the main oscillators. You can use a noise generator to generate either white noise or red noise to mix with your sound, or you could easily add up to 8 voices to your sound using the unison selector.

Orb Synth is available in both VST2 and VST3 for PC and Mac users, so get yours at only 10% of the price before it’s gone.

Get the deal: Orb Synth (only $5!)


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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We haven’t covered it before (it’s new to me actually) and it’s a great little deal if you also count this month’s bonus freebies from PB.

  1. Before you use it in your project – check if selected preset has semi+ parameter (for both osc) set to zero (+0 st). If preset use semi+ parameter different that zero, it will not be saved with your project and after project reload it becomes zero and sound changes. It’s a bug and I reported it over a year ago (and it will probably never be fixed, even if in first emails I get info that it will be fixed ASAP).

  2. If they don’t want me to hear it. I can only imagine what BRB must think about the IQ levels of its subscribers. This oversight is curing my GAS.

  3. This plugin is actually pretty terrible. It’s been too long since I fired it up, but it was only once, and yeah, I recommend avoiding it if you experience any license bloat already. I really need to get back into plugin development. It’s time for a new wave of weird.

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