Experiverb Is A FREE Experimental Reverb Plugin By Audiomodern


Audiomodern releases Experiverb, an experimental reverb VST plugin for Windows and macOS. Experiverb is offered as a free download until December 4th, 2022.

Experiverb is what Audiomodern describes as “a shape-based reverb plugin.” It is based on an innovative concept that uses different shapes and patterns to simulate an acoustic space.

If that sounds interesting, act fast because Experiverb will only be available for download until December 4th, after which it will be gone forever (as stated by Audiomodern).

The plugin features a relatively simple user interface, but the control scheme is quite different from what we’re used to seeing in reverb plugins. The abstract blue shape in the middle of the GUI is used to control the shape and depth of the simulated acoustic space.

Additional controls provide the ability to freeze the reverb, adjust the dry/wet balance, and save current settings as presets for later use. Watching the walkthrough video is recommended to fully understand the control setup and the Experiverb capabilities.

“Experiverb is a new shape-based reverb plugin that allows you to experiment with different shapes and patterns. Browse through space forms and change your acoustic space.”

So, who is Experiverb for?

If you’re a sound designer or a musician who likes experimenting with unusual plugins, then Experiverb is definitely worth a look. Reverb is one of the most essential tools in every sound designer’s plugin arsenal, and it can’t hurt to have an innovative tool at your disposal.

Experiverb is peculiar but not complicated to use. Check out the video embedded below for more information.

Looking for more unusual reverbs? Check out our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin. It’s a spring reverb with a built-in bitcrusher, perfect for lo-fi tones. And if you need a recommendation for the best free sound design reverb right now, look no further than Valhalla DSP’s epic Super Massive plugin.

Experiverb is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. It is only available to download until December 4th, 2022.

On a related note, Audiomodern is currently running a 30% OFF Black Friday sale.

Download: Experiverb


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    • No, as U-He’s Protoverb uses equations to create reverbs. Als it’s more like a Slapback Delay and sounds horrible. This is much smoother and works based on a shape that you choose.

  1. Love their plugins, but just like the previous ones it crashed my daw (MPC 2.11.4) 3 times trying to open it before registration and once more after registration. Also..only seems to work when the plugin is ‘open’ and on screen. Very strange, but still useable.

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