Get 5 Plugins For $20 With The Thenatan Super Bundle Deal (95% OFF)


ADSR Sounds launched the Thenatan Super Bundle Deal, offering five premium Thenatan plugins for only $20 ($ 368 value).

Experienced music producers would know, and beginners will appreciate the fact that you need just a few elements to create a massive hit. A great drum and bass combo, a kickass synth line, catchy melodies, and some interesting sound design. The folks over at Thanatan are offering a bundle that enables you to do all of this for just $20.

Thenatan Super Bundle offers 5 plugins for $20 that normally retail for a combined value of $368. It consists of the X-Eight 808, Hatz, Tape Piano 2, Vybz, and Brain.

The 808 plugin creates what you’d expect – 808-inspired kicks, basslines, and everything in between. It is designed with bass genres like trap, hip-hop, and dubstep in mind, but it can be used for anything that wants that raw aggressive-type sound. It comes loaded with 1000+ presets.

Hatz is what the name suggests – it is a VST plugin dedicated to creating various patterns and rolls using hats and snares. It can even do stutters. This saves a lot of time for producers because these are basics that everyone (in these specific genres) needs for every track. It comes with 500+ samples.

Tape Piano 2 is a lofi piano that is designed to give that vintage, textured piano sound that instantly triggers a feel-good vibe and nostalgia. It has a lot of variety and options to dig into and has a well-developed modulation matrix that can create dynamic movements without needing a lot of manual automation.

Vybz is a multi-FX plugin that is designed to bring back the feel of distortion, glitches, cracks, and more. It is meant to create the retro and glitchy vibe of analog machines and movement. It has modules for reverb, delay, texture, bit crushing, and more.

Brain is an A.I.-powered virtual synth that creates new and unique patches on the fly. This means you can have endless variations of powerful synth sounds from just one plugin. It has two oscillators, 12 voices, the usual filters and modulators, and a great scalable interface. Plus, there’s a mastering section with its own set of controls.

Put together, this is the best $20 bundle we have seen in a while. Whether you are just getting into production or a seasoned producer wanting to add some cool tools to your workflow, it’s a bundle worth checking out.

The deal is live on ADSR during the Black Friday sale. Find more deals on our Black Friday plugin deals list.

Get the deal: Thenatan Super Bundle (95% OFF @ ADSR Sounds)


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  1. Brain, is the most interesting thing for me in the package, and that can be had for $10 from the devs website

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