Cherry Audio Winter Sale (Up To 92% OFF)


Cherry Audio launched the Winter Sale with up to 92% discounts on a wide variety of products. The sale ends on January 2nd, 2023.

Fans of modular synthesis are surely already familiar with Cherry Audio’s popular Voltage Modular software platform. It took the software synthesis world by storm four years ago, offering great-sounding and well-made virtual synthesizers at competitive prices.

I was lucky enough to visit Cherry Audio when they were just introducing their first products during the 2018 NAMM Show.

The collection has kept growing ever since, and Cherry Audio’s software lineup now includes dozens of products. Whether choose the Voltage Modular platform or one of the standalone synthesizers, such as the DCO-106, there’s no question that you’ll get a high-quality plugin.

If you’d like to expand your Cherry Audio collection, now is a good time to act. The Winter Sale includes discounts on all Cheery Audio plugins, including a no-brainer 92% OFF deal on the PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

For those starting out with modular synthesis in their DAW, the Cherry Audio Year One Collection is a good pick, priced at $99 during the sale. It includes all 19 commercial modules that Cherry Audio released in Voltage Modular’s first year.

Not a modular fan? Check out Cherry Audio’s emulations of the ARP Quadra synthesizer or the Oberheim Eight Voice.

And if you want to expand your audio FX collection, take a look at Cherry Audio’s take on the Roland Space Echo. It costs $19 during the Winter Sale.

Don’t forget that every purchase on Plugin Boutique until the end of the month includes a free bonus product. There are five different freebies to choose from, so it might be a good idea to purchase products separately (if you’re buying more than one plugin).

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Get the deal: Cherry Audio Winter Sale (up to 92% OFF)


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  1. Bit pissed off with them at the moment. CPU usage with oversampling x 3 reaches 100% on my very grunty PC.. It’s still hugely demanding (more than any other synth I own) even at 2x.

    I spoke to support and the guy said he had same issue, he had never had a response from the devs and I didn’t get one either. I waited for the next patch but it was still bad. They refunded in the end.

    Be warned. Demo it first, check some patches with oversampling and watch your CPU. Just in case you have same issue

  2. My grandfather was from Belgrade. He moved to the states one hundred years ago.The country changed, I wouldn’t move here now. Sorry he was Croatian . He never, ever said anything about Serbians. How good of you to keep up this website

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