Get Vibe Tape Drums For FREE On BPB (Cyber Monday Freebie)


You’ve survived Black Friday, but are you ready for Cyber Monday? If your wallet is feeling a little empty, the Vibe Tape Drums freebie provided by Ben Aylon (aka One Man Tribe) for Bedroom Producer Blog readers will help alleviate some of those woes.

Vibe Tape Drums is a production-ready percussion pack with over 110 loops ready to place inside your mixes. The drums themselves have been processed with rich analog saturation, provided courtesy of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo.

While the drums themselves won’t solve your financial woes, there is a lot to take in from this pack. The loops provided come with wet and dry varieties, perfect for grabbing a particular vibe or processing to make your own.

Vibe Tape Drums also features multitrack recordings for isolated hits to be shaped and turned into your own custom kits.

The drums have an instant character, with occasional elements sparkling forward and grabbing attention, thanks to the very tasteful use of the RE-201. But in the event you don’t need extra character but rather just well-recorded acoustic drums, these will do the trick too.

Out of the 110 loops, there are 10 main beats that fit with their own individual themes. Contained in each of these ten main beats are the main loops, the wet and dry varieties, and multitrack recordings with individual components of the drum kit isolated.

Ben Aylon is a celebrated musician, infusing percussive techniques from Senegal and Gambia into his own unique style. He has taken his own unique sensibilities and a plethora of percussion to create a varied and rich sample library available for $14.99 until November 30th.

If you want a simple taste, then head down and pick up Vibe Tape Drums. This wonderful pack is only available for a limited time, so grab it now before it’s too late.

Also, don’t miss our Black Friday gift – the free BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin. It’s a great tool for adding some dirt and spice to acoustic drums, just like the ones included in the Vibe Tape Drums sample pack.

Many thanks to One Man Tribe for this exclusive freebie! You can currently get a 97% OFF deal on the entire One Man Tribe catalog ($14.99 instead of $660 only on Cyber Monday).

Download: Vibe Tape Drums (FREE for BPB readers)


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  1. Can I say something please?
    It alwyas seems like Ben is writing the comments here and a friend of mine that is reading here and loves! This website told me that it seems awkward and unfortunatelly he is right

    I tried downloading these files as well and even tried few things for few times and nothing
    You can find some better loops that are played a lot better over the internet
    On the other hand – One shots – Now this is a REAL gift that we can use
    Happy cyber

  2. Thanks brp and Ben aylon! Now I can add an exotic afro Latin/African fela kuti style drum/ percussion sound to my funky cop show tv themes and blaxploitation/ spy/heist film scores

  3. Thanks !
    Was one of the fastest and easiest downloads for a long time.
    Click and voilà, you directly have the zip file downloaded to your hard drive. No complex process, I love that!

  4. Hey thanks so much BPB & Ben, wow what a quality and very kind package this is.
    These sounds are recorded really well and i am feeling the natural grooves Ben played too, very well played.
    I look forward to having a mix with the multitrack audio files and could even sample just parts of what Ben played to create something new as well, this is very much appreciated, thanks again 🙏😊💛

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