Fanan Team Releases FREE Bonnie Drum Sampler Plugin


Fanan Team released Bonnie, a freeware drum sampler plugin for Windows.

As the Black Friday sales die down, there are still a few deals and freebies to be found. Fana Team has announced the release of Bonnie, a drum sampler, for free.

Bonnie is a ten-slot drum sampler that is capable of loading .mp3 and .wav files. As a sampler, Bonnie is geared toward live usage. It consumes very few resources and is meant to be loaded and ready in mere moments.

Using Bonnie couldn’t be easier, as active MIDI key zones are easily selectable on the interface. Each of the ten slots corresponds to a specific note depending on the keyboard range stated, and the display updates accordingly.

Fana Team has also packaged Bonnie with 30 full drum kits intended for use in genres like rock, pop, reggae, disco, and many others that benefit from having a touch of live drums on them. These 30 free kits are also slim, coming in with a download only weighing roughly 60MB.

While Bonnie won’t replace things like Slate Drums, Superior Drummer, BFD3, or EZDrummer, it isn’t really intended for that. For most users, the provided samples and the ability to load their own samples make this a great little freebie.

Coupled with this lightweight library are three effects, which can be controlled by something Fanan calls FR. Using FR, users can place the delay, reverb, and compressor across tracks and maintain control of the frequencies being affected by the wet signal. Also included is saturation, which sounds pleasing but basic to the ears.

Drum elements have a good degree of control. Users can control the pitch, panning, gain, and much more via the integrated editor. Pieces of the kit can also drift, but the effect itself can be rather subtle in practice.
Samples can be triggered via round-robin, which is helpful for adding some much-needed variety to an otherwise stale percussion track. Users can also blend between two individual sounds loaded in the same drum slot.

Bonnie can be found for free over at Fanan Team’s website. Its sister plugin, Zoe, is also available for sale. The drum sampler seems to be only VST2 for Windows machines, with no stated support or documentation in the downloaded archive for macOS, VST3, or AAX compatibility.

Download: Bonnie


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  1. Immunet (which uses the ClamWin malware detection engine and database) reports the Bonnie installer as infected with what it calls Clam.Win.Malware.Polypatch-9882447-0

    MalwareBytes and Spybot S&D report the file as clean.

    I have contacted Fanan Team about this issue, and am awaiting a response from them.

    Just a FYI for you and your readers.

    Best regards,

    Thom Stark

      • To quote Fanan Team’s response to my email: “If you still hesitating to use the the exe. Then you can use the dll. Only (but you won’t able to save banks)”

        That’s why.


        Thom Stark

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