Karanyi Sounds Release Technocolor ($19 Intro Sale)


Karanyi Sounds released Technocolor, a studio-quality character plugin for macOS and Windows.

Technocolor is a simple plugin that delivers an old-school vibe and vintage character to any sound.

The plugin is currently available for $19 (usually $49) during the Karanyi Sounds Winter Sale promotion, so if vintage is your thing, now’s the time to check it out.

Like most similar plugins, Technocolor is inspired by vintage hardware; in this case, it’s classic samplers and tape machines.

It’s hard to say any plugin like Technocolor is definitively better than the rest because personal preference is everything, and that starts with the choices made by the developers when choosing any particular hardware as a point of reference. It’s also common for plugins like this one to be perfect for one sound/song but not another.

What I can say definitively about Technocolor is that it’s versatile across many sources, and it’s effortless to use. Demos on the product page highlight the effect on different sources and, more importantly, showcase varied results.

Sometimes it’s a very subtle warmth or adding some punch; other times much crunchier and grittier.

The first audio demo gives a taste of that dusty vintage radio sound on an electric piano, a favorite of many lo-fi producers. It’s also a sound I love, although I’d dial it back a little from the demos position; that’s my personal preference again. My favorite example from the audio demos is the Heavy Distortion on the bass guitar; it sounds fantastic.

Technocolor comes with eighteen factory/artist presets and over 40 custom-made algorithms. It’s essentially a one-knob effect, although it has a smart random button for quick inspiration.

It gets results and takes very little effort; I can’t really say better than that; I like it (I do tend to like most things lo-fi-related).

Technocolor is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.11 or higher recommended) and Windows 7 or higher.

More info: Technocolor ($19 intro sale)


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