T-Compressor By Techivation Is FREE For 24 Hours Only


Techivation offers the T-Compressor ($49 value) plugin as a FREE download for 24 hours (3,000 copies are available).

The holidays are soon upon us, and some gracious developers are making sure your stocking is stuffed with some useful free plugins. Native Instruments released a limited-time freebie yesterday, and now Techivation offers a freebie for 24 hours.

Techivation’s T-Compressor is an easy-to-use dynamics processor with four different compression algorithms to use.

T-Compressor is simple on the surface. The left and right sides show the threshold for the compressor and the input gain. The center dial increases the level of compression applied to the signal, with higher values correlating to a higher ratio. Attack and release have slow and fast options; these are fixed for the four compression modes. The knee is also at a fixed value, which seems to be somewhat dependent on the algorithm chosen as well.

The four compression modes are Clean, Crispy, Warm, and Thick, which all have their own unique characteristics imprinted on your chosen sound source.

Clean is as it says, with no harmonics imparted on the signal. This makes it ideal for compressing on the mix bus, the master bus, or for instruments and groups where saturation or additional harmonics have been applied.

Crispy introduces some harmonics to the sound, with more emphasis on the midrange as opposed to the low-end focus of Warm. This mode gets bright and can benefit low-end material where additional harmonics in the mids or highs could help it poke out in a mix.

Warm is reminiscent of tapes, especially the program-dependent compression you get from running a signal hot into a reel-to-reel. This mode has more prominent harmonics while also applying some filtering to the high end to be more in line with the character and gluing effects of tape.

Thick, the final mode, is a little more nebulous in how it works but seems to impart more harmonics on the stereo field rather than focusing on a specific area of the frequency spectrum.

Metering is clear and easy to read, and serial instances of T-Compressor can be utilized in one plugin window.

You can never have too many compressors, and Techivation’s offer is only valid for the next 24 hours.

T-Compressor is available for Windows in VST2, VST3, and AAX formats. Mac users aren’t left out either, with Native M1 support and VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats available.

Get the deal: T-Compressor (FREE for 24 hours!)


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  1. It doesn’t say how you can download it.
    It sends me to the presets option…

    Can anyone help – How to download the file?

  2. Wouldn’t have figured that out without Celty’s comment (thanks!), but…

    “Redeem code is not valid”, it says, two minutes after receipt. The email even says it’s valid until 10th Dec.

  3. OK, turned out that due to weird fixed position text formatting, it was cutting off the leftmost character of the code! Worked in the end.

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