Hypha Is A FREE Holiday Gift From Native Instruments


Native Instruments released Hypha, a brand-new acoustic-electric hybrid instrument. Hypha is FREE until January 16th, 2023. Native Instruments also offer a 25€ e-voucher for the NI online shop and a 50% off voucher redeemable at iZotope’s website.

Hypha is an acoustic-electric instrument for Kontakt. It comes with 156 presets that can be tweaked using built-in effects, envelopes, and randomization options.

The user interface features a streamlined front panel, with additional control parameters available on the FX panel. The user can fine-tune a variety of parameters, including filter cutoff, tremolo, glide, and effects like delay, chorus, phaser, and more.

One of Hypha’s coolest features is the mod wheel–based performance mode. It lets you generate and perform chord progressions by playing a single note.

Most importantly, Hypha is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin. It is one of the best free Kontakt libraries we’ve seen in a while.

Check out the Hypha walkthrough video below.

If you want to expand your sound palette with an acoustic-electric instrument, download Hypha while it’s free. Native Instruments release free instruments every year, and this is one of the most exciting freebies so far.

Here’s more information from Native Instruments: “This holiday season, we’re celebrating new beginnings with a selection of free gifts to refresh your creative process for 2023 and beyond. Until January 16th, you can download our brand-new organic inspiration machine HYPHA for free, grab two special vouchers to use on any sounds or tools you like, and have a chance to win huge prizes from NI, iZotope, and Plugin Alliance.”

Hypha isn’t the only Holiday gift from Native Instruments this year. If you want to upgrade your Native Instruments collection this Holiday season, you can save 25€ with the provided e-voucher. And if you wanted to get something from iZotope, NI provided an exclusive 50% coupon for you.

Since we’re covering a free Kontakt library, here’s a reminder to download the Vivace Legacy orchestral instrument by Sonokinetic while it’s free.

Hypha and the other gifts are available on the Holiday Gift 2022 page on the Native Instruments website.

Download: Hypha (FREE until January 16th, 2023)


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  1. Thanks for the info. I added it to my account several hours ago, but still not showed up in my account. I guess NI server is hammered ;-)

    Bitwig 8 Track v4.4 is free with latest issue of Beat (English language PDF issue will soon be published too)
    Specs: bitwig.com/8-track/

  2. nice!
    Kontakt days:

    Quondam is free at sub51 (Full Kontakt)

    Accent Pianos free at Cinesamples (Kontakt Player)

    Have fun!

  3. for those in the EU, i guess it is, or at least it was, possible to change the location to US to see the 25USD price/get it for free with the code. however, is this something to worry about, if NI already has my payment information + billing address?

    These were the codes given. Sadly none of them work on Neoverb anymore

  5. Free BFX24 filter has been released by G-Sonique, got their message yesterday

  6. No one’s really given their opinion on the plugin so I will.

    It’s ok, it’s basically a lot of patches that sound quite similar to what you get in LABS with a little more control over the sound. A lot of the patches sound very similar and overall you’re getting the usual ambient movie score stuff, a trend that it seems many plugin developers are chasing at the moment. Some patches make me question if they were curated before release as they sound quite poor and I struggle to imagine where they could fit, of course I’m happy to be proven wrong there. It seems to me like another case of “100’s of sounds, but only 5 good ones”.

    Overall I find the lack of originality here to be almost offensive. Between the UI and the IMO poor sound set, I fail to see this library as anything more than NI attempting to capitalize on a trend and bring users into their ecosystem. I do think something like spitfire labs has similar intentions in terms of bringing users to the paid libraries but at least with LABS libraries, I feel they are really trying to give users some interesting and diverse sounds to play with.

    Don’t be too upset if you miss this one from NI.

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