Variety Of Sound Releases FREE ThrillseekerLA mkII


Variety of Sound releases ThrillseekerLA mkII, an updated version of its limiting amplifier VST plugin for Windows.

ThrillseekerLA mkII comes ten years after the original release. The updated edition features a complete redesign of the core compression action.

ThrillseekerLA most closely evokes feelings of the venerable LA2A, but there are some key differences on the control panel. Attack and release controls are present, giving finer control over the compression, and it allows for some rather quick timings when dialed in.

Also present are a set of new coloring options for the addition of harmonics. Tube, loudness, and interstage all provide some wonderful harmonics without being too overbearing or distorted when applied. These can all be switched off as well, just allowing for the action of the compressor without any added saturation.

Two ratios are available for use, with a 3:1 allowing for gentle peak taming and 10:1 acting as a limiter.

Variety of Sound has long been a bit of a well-kept secret among Windows users, and the latest update to ThrillseekerLA is a wonderful compressor.

It is equally suited for use on individual tracks and the mix bus alike. During testing, it proved to be a lifesaver on some unruly hi-hats, tamping down spiky transients without losing the integrity or character of the sound.

Guitars and synths also proved to be easily tamed with it, providing depth and warmth while grabbing the pick attack of the guitar effortlessly.

Variety of Sound has also simplified the gain staging, with a simple drive knob and output knob controlling the input, compression, and output.

ThrillseekerLA also features a dry/wet knob, allowing for parallel compression or blending in a bit of the dry signal to get some of the original transients back on things like kicks and snares.

This marks the latest of VoS’s plugin collection to make its way to the modern day, following on the heels of FerricTDS, ThrillseekerVBL, Density, and many others.

If you like using limiting amplifiers while mixing your music, check out our free BPB Dirty LA plugin.

ThrillseekerLA is available for Windows only and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. The only format supported is VST2, so a wrapper may be necessary for hosts which only support VST3.

Download: ThrillseekerLA mkII


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  1. Damn :) I been waiting for it and checking VOS site almost every day and still managed to miss it (even though I’ve never stopped using x86 version since it works flawlessly bridged in Reaper). Thx! That’s it. The plug of the year. I’m done. I don’t need any more opto comps, ever :)

  2. Mmm, the interstaging is so different than it was before… Gonna take a while to get used to it, adds more presence/ambience which is nice, but on very nasty and distorted stuff for instance, it gets metallic fast. Wouldn’t mind a knob to tame that streamlining. ^_^
    Not complaining, but it’s like EpicVERB, the sound changed a lot in the 64bit update. And while new sound ideas are always welcomed, kinda wish you got the option to get the old sound.
    Ah well, you either need to take into account the changes or bridge the old one.

  3. Well, that’s true, it has changed quite a bit but I like it. The coloring options are streamlined but still flexible enough and compression itself has been improved and that’s most important. I also like what he did with the side-chain filter and AGC is always welcome. Of course, after ten years it feels funny when you don’t get exactly what you expect from a plugin :)

    • Had the opportunity to test it on less distorted sounds, and the interstaging is much better suited there. Liked it very much, only proving that different gears/plugins have their different uses.

  4. Let’s goo! Always happy to read news about Variety of Sound!

    The only thing I always missed is a FET style compressor by him. That’s my favourite type and there are very few free ones out there.

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