Xylon: Get 800+ Free Sci-Fi Sounds From A Sound Effect


A Sound Effect releases Xylon, a free sound library containing over 800 sci-fi sound effects.

Hankering for a library of sci-fi sounds that cover all the usual characters like robots, creatures, weapons, and more? Xylon is a library of exactly these kinds of sounds, a whole 800 of them and more. The best news is that it is available for free as part of a Christmas promotion.

A Sound Effect is an independent community marketplace for sonic craftsmen and women, and it is doing this giveaway that will thrill, chill and excite sci-fi-loving producers.

These sounds were developed by a batch of students who attended the 2021 – 2022 Mohole Music and Sound Design course. So you know a lot of love and dedication went into these sounds. Not to mention, lot of fun too! So what do they sound like?

You can check out a demo video on Youtube on the official A Sound Effect Channel.

This is a pack that would fit right into a sci-fi movie sound designer’s kit, but it can also fit into neuro-hop and glitch-hop projects. Xylon has all the cool, weird, moving, ambient, textured, and other types of sound that we associate with sci-fi sound design.

There are drum-like rhythmic elements, one-shots, and everything in between. We can definitely see it making IDM producers happy as well. There are ample bleeps and bloops to keep you happily engaged for many projects. The demo itself sounds like a trailer for some epic sci-fi alien movie, which is a good sign.

The quality seems to be quite good and full of raw, dynamic energy and movement. The sound effects do not feel overprocessed, so most of them will stand being mangled and messed with further. Some of the elements do have some reverb on them, but they are still quite useable. If you need your sound to feel alien, otherworldly, and utterly futuristic, this pack will do the job.

Xylon is free for a limited time and is available on the A Sound Effect website. You can either tweet it out to get the link or sign up for the newsletter.

The download page has a complete list of all the names of the effects, so you will get a clear idea of what the package contains. The package itself is a collection of WAV files and is approximately 2.5 GB. The newsletter also promises free sounds with every issue, so it might be worth checking out.

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Download: Xylon 


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  1. Thanks!
    Usually we keep no more than 10% of every sample pack,
    but that’s probably coz we aren’t samples only based
    producers, but mainly using hardware synths and some
    good software to add needed in a specified cases …
    But knowing more about the sounds is always welcome!

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