Beat Magazine Offers FREE Bitwig 8-Track With January 2023 Issue


Beat Magazine is known for giving away some solid magware in their issues. Bitwig 8-Track is this month’s featured giveaway, and it’s a solid piece of software for folks looking to use a new DAW or just have a new environment to tinker around in.

Bitwig 8-Track is limited to only eight tracks, as the name suggests, but is packed full of features and functionality that any producer can use.

The built-in instruments are limited, as devices like The Grid are restricted to the full version of Bitwig Studio. Virtual analog and FM synthesis are present, however, and there is a wide range of drum synthesis tools and sampling tools to urge creativity.

Bitwig is modulation-friendly, with any parameter open to the DAW being able to have LFOs, envelopes, and other means beyond just standard automation. Do you want to automate the pitch on Serum with a random LFO? Bitwig makes it easy to do with just a few clicks and instant results.

For hardware and modular enthusiasts, Bitwig 8-Track also supports CV and MIDI out, allowing for control of Eurorack and traditional synthesizers and instruments. There is a plethora of devices available as well, with 31 effects allowing for tonal sculpting and audio insanity.

Bitwig 8-Track isn’t capable of the audio rate modulation of the full version, but there is enough present to allow for more than enough control of multiple parameters. Note effects are also present, but there are only seven present compared to the twenty-four of the full version.

Owners of Bitwig 8-Track also get a reduced upgrade price for 16-Track and the full Studio version.

Bitwig 8-Track only supports two VST instruments, which could disappoint VST plugin addicts like BPB readers. However, some clever routing and bouncing can circumvent the restriction.

A free copy of Bitwig 8-Track isn’t the only reason to get Beat Magazine, though. The latest issue offers a range of music production content, including reviews, tutorials, and guides to get the most out of your production setup.

They also have an overview of our free BPB Dirty LA plugin.

Beat Magazine takes a look at BPB Dirty LA.

Beat Magazine takes a look at BPB Dirty LA.

Beat Magazine’s latest issue is on shelves now and is available in print and digital formats.

Bitwig 8-Track is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS and has support for CLAP, VST, and VST3 plugins.

More info: Beat Magazine 


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  1. Well, while we have parameter modulation in Reaper I would like to try some other things that Bitwig 8-track offers (or, honestly, just have something new to play with :)), but I’m surely not gonna install 12 gigs of content for that. So, anybody know if it’s possible to install 8-track only and how big it is?

  2. I’m being aware that this 2022 promo (Bitwig Studio 8-track) is for anyone living in Europe only. I don’t see countries from Asia, Africa, America to choose from.

  3. So, I tried to contact both Falkemedia and and neither of them even cared to respond. So, I guess that’s it – the magazine is for privileged only.

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