Glitchedtones Retro Video Game FX Is FREE On BPB


Glitchedtones offer the Retro Video Game FX sample pack as a FREE download for all BPB readers until December 26th, 2022.

The Retro Video Game FX sample pack is exactly what the name suggests. Made with a heavily modified Game Boy, the developers used retro-generative software to create glitched-out 8-bit sonic mayhem. It has all the fun feel of an old-school video game that relies on 8-bit audio to get the vibe going.

This specific pack comes with 50 hand-curated sounds that cover the usual sound design grounds. So there are fx, arps, strange noises, laser sounds, drum hits, and more. Perfect for bringing some retro bleeps and bloops to your production.

As a boutique sound design outlet, Glitched Tones is certainly living up to its name. The sound quality is clean and precise, which really helps. Producers will be pleased with the dry rendering of the files. These make for perfect ingredients to create an 8-bit audio track or as 8-bit highlights in regular productions.

The clean sound also makes it great for processing and creating unique sounds. The 50 files are well organized, and the production source (the Game Boy) makes the tonality truly authentic.

The frequency range is decidedly in the high and upper mid-range areas for most of them, so they are best used sparingly. They provide a clean and sparkling feel to any track they inhabit. At the same time, tuning them down can also produce some very interesting results, especially when used as the source of a sampler instrument.

They are standard WAV files and should be compatible with all DAWs and other software.

Retro Video Game FX typically costs $12, but Glitchedtones are kindly offering it as an early Christmas gift for all BPB readers.

To get the Retro Video Game FX sample pack for free, add it to the shopping cart and use the coupon code BPBFREE at checkout. That should automatically reduce the price to $0 and let you download the product for free.

Looking for more retro video game sounds? Check out the free GB DrumBox plugin by BPB and SampleScience.

Download: Retro Video Game FX (FREE with coupon code BPBFREE)


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  1. hey muscore just release 4th iteration and overhauled mostly the deficits of engravings
    plus they giving a free orchestra for musescore called muse sounds. and all of it is free to use

    strings have extensive articulations
    even brass and woodwinds piano

    • Extensive articulations + Legato!

      Probably one of the most comprehensive free orchestras out there right now, surpassing BBCSO Discover by a long shot! (I love discover, but this is so good)

  2. Thanks so much BPB & Glitchedtones, great website as well. Awesome work and thanks for the free Retro Video Game FX sample pack.

  3. Thanks for the freebie, reminds me of the 90’s when sample libraries used to be 10 MB! Thanks also for Waves Siblance that got delivered today :-)

  4. RepliCat have released a Mac version of GreenWave, “a freeware virtual synthesizer”

    • Thanks for the link. There is also a Win version, but putting it in “/Program Files/Common Files/VST3” folder and loading it up, I get told “Can’t reach ReplicatAudio Servers”. Does one have to be online to use it ?

      • Hey Numanoid, i haven’t got round to installing this yet, so i’m not sure.
        I did have a look on their website but i could not see any info about being online to use it.
        I will let you know here tomorrow how i get on this end 🙏

      • I see that server message in RepliCat GreenWave too, but i clicked ok while offline and it still worked
        VST works ok, but i had an issue with the AU plugin crashing Ableton Live 11 at first, but i was opening a zip file at the time, idk.
        After restarting Live i can’t drag the AU into the miidi channel, but double click to load the AU worked.

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