Soundtoys Offers FREE Little PrimalTap With Any Purchase


Soundtoys offers the Little PrimalTap delay plugin as a FREE add-on with select purchases in their online store until December 27th.

Soundtoys’s holiday sale is still in full swing, and they are offering up Little PrimalTap with the purchase of single plugins or the Effekt Rack.

Little PrimalTap is the simplified version of PrimalTap, a lo-fi delay based on Lexicon’s Prime Time. It’s a vintage-flavored delay with a good deal of character and makes an excellent complement to the stellar EchoBoy.

Little PrimalTap is home to some rather esoteric controls beyond just the typical delay times and feedback controls.

Adjust acts as a control to extend the delay, but it also affects the sample rate and introduces some grunge and imperfections to the sound.

Multiply functions similarly but allows for the extension of the delay time. While the delay line can be extended up to twelve times, it also introduces noticeable anomalies and aliasing. Used in conjunction with the Adjust control, it can allow for chaotic and creative effects beyond just the typical echo or delay units.

It acts as input gain and allows for driving the audio into the delay to lend it saturation and distortion. The way the drive affects the signal is highly variable on the adjust and multiply settings.

Little PrimalTap has fewer controls over its bigger counterpart, PrimalTap, but it’s still quite a valuable character delay that can get into some wild modulation-based effects.

Soundtoys is only offering up Little PrimalTap free with single plugins or Effekt Rack until December 27th. Plugin prices start at $29 (that is the sale price for Devil-Loc), so this is a nice opportunity to add some Soundoys tools to your mixing arsenal.

Little PrimalTap is Windows and Mac compatible and now has Apple Silicon M1 support. Windows plugin support extends to VST2, VST3, and AAX. Mac users have the option of using VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX.

Download: Little PrimalTap (FREE with any purchase @ Soundtoys)


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