Diginoiz TrapDrive Is Now FREE


Diginoiz announced that the TrapDrive distortion plugin is now permanently free.

If you like overdrive distortion and/or trap music, you will instantly connect with TrapDrive by Diginoiz. Built to resonate with those who want harsh, rough, and hard distortion on their sounds, most producers will really enjoy the results of this powerful distortion plugin. Produced by Diginoiz, it is now available for free forever.

Why do we highlight the fact that it is free forever? That’s because Diginoiz already offered it as a temporary freebie a few times. However, TrapDrive is now officially freeware.

Designed like a simple analog processing unit, TrapDrive has a reasonably straightforward UI. It is shaped like a rectangular box with four knobs on it. These knobs control input, type, amount, and output, respectively. You can easily mix your dry and wet signal along with the kind of distortion and strength of it, all easily automated through these dedicated controls.

As far as plugins go, this is definitely on the easy side for users. You just need to use your ears critically to decide the correct amount of distortion for your project. There’s also a tiny section for selection between bypass, suppress DC, and Oversample 4X modes for the overall plugin. This adds another layer of customization over the sound you have set out to sculpt.

This is a hyped-sounding plugin, so the less is more approach works here. It is possible to use TrapDrive sparingly and still get that raw-sounding edge on your vocals, 808s, or synth lines. Those are the main use cases that the makers of TrapDrive talk about. However, we can all agree that it is a sound that is useful for many different purposes and genres when done creatively.

For the price of zero, TrapDrive is definitely a good tool to add to your toolkit, especially if you do not already have a distortion tool that you really like. This might be the free one that you have been looking for.

TrapDrive works on all major DAWs on both Windows and macOS. This is a VST3 instrument, so hosts with VST2 support only (like AKAI MPC Studio and Maschine) are not supported. It has Apple M1 support, which is a big win for those with the latest hardware. It needs 64-bit systems on both Windows and Mac.

Get it from the official website. The product page also has a quick demo song and a breakdown of dry and wet mixes to give you an idea of what the plugin sounds like.

Download: TrapDrive


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  1. Michal Ochedowski


    I remember testing this plugin back when it was free for limited time. Overall it’s a very useful and good sounding distortion. A word of caution to anyone interested. Audition results with limiter on the master bus or at least turn down the track level. There are some significant differences between algorithms volume-wise.

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