Florian Mrugalla Releases FREE MIDI-Triggered ADSR Plugin


Florian Mrugalla releases ADSR, a free MIDI-triggered ADSR plugin for Windows.

We recently covered Florian Mrugalla’s parallel bandpass plugin, Manta, and the developer is back already with another freebie.

The latest plugin, ADSR, transforms MIDI input into ADSR modulator audio output.

ADSR has three modes; the first mode is Direct Out. The MIDI input synthesizes an ADSR envelope generator, and in this mode, it allows you to send out your MIDI input as an audio signal to modulate however you like.

The second mode is Gain, which acts like a MIDI gate. In this mode, the input signal multiplies the envelope, which implies more dynamics.

The third mode is MIDI CC, which outputs the envelope as MIDI CC data. Depending on your DAW, you can route the MIDI CC data to the parameters of other plugins.

There is no macOS version, but it seems an unofficial macOS build may be available soon (as it was with Manta).

I think it’s fair to say what you get out of a plugin like ADSR depends on how you use it. That’s an obvious statement that could apply to any plugin I know. But, plugins designed by someone who thinks outside-the-box tend to encourage outside-the-box use, and that’s when things can get most interesting.

Speaking of outside-the-box thinking, you’ll hear the developer explain the plugin in song if you check out the demo video. If you’ve ever been about to buy a plugin and thought, you know what, it sounds great, but why am I reading about features like a loser when you could be signing them to me? ADSR is for you, and it’s free!

Also, it might get stuck in your head a little.

I’m going to repeat myself and remind you all about Filter MS-20 from Arturia; I know saying it in multiple articles will get annoying quickly (like, now). But it’s a good one and won’t be free forever.

ADSR is available in VST3 format for Windows.

Download: ADSR 


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  1. Yeah, this is a good one :) Great company, too. CollaB is pretty much the only organ or at least the one I reach for most of the time since it came out and SUB is also a great plug (it’s a vintage analog drums module with sub bass oscillator). And there’s also Rand, the one knob synth that will generate a new patch every time you hit the button and then you can tweak it in the edit panel. So, check them out if you haven’t already:




  2. Tomislav and James, check out the new Sonicrusher compressor from Linda Audio. Extremely feature heavy for being a free plug-in, and it sounds really good!

  3. i was gonna ponder the need for this when bitwig has several adsrs that can be triggered by MIDI, but this actually looks pretty cool, will try it out!

  4. This perfectly demonstrates the beauty of ‘simple yet fully featured’ plugins. It needs audio from somewhere else. No internal sequencer, so you can feed it whatever you want or need, be it MIDI from a pattern of your chosen length, audio-to-MIDI detection, live input, randomizer. Then it does absolutely anything you’d want from it.
    Some other nice stuff on the Github repo too…

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