Yum Audio LoFi Flux Light Is FREE Until January 2nd


Yum Audio offers the LoFi Flux Light plugin as a free download until January 2nd, 2023.

Yum Audio makes very tasty audio plugins, and this one is especially delicious for those who like to include lo-fi audio within their projects.

Flux Light is the smaller version of their more fully featured LoFi Flux plugin. Designed to create that vintage, LoFi tape warble feel, it has been modeled after actual analog tape to create the right kind of sound for your project.

It is a fairly simple-to-use plugin, and its simplicity belies its amazing ability to sculpt the sound. You can decide on the amount of tape warble you want, along with the usual artifacts like cracks and pops. The controls are easy, and the GUI is very pleasing. It has a lovely display that shows how much warble is being used, and it is very easy to quickly visualize what is going on in the plugin.

You can also choose to have the warble time synced or free form, based on what your requirement is. This makes it an amazing tool not only for sound design but also for creative manipulation for adding an extra dimension to any rhythmic element or synced movement to melodic parts.

There is also an option to decide whether you want the sound to be jittery or not. This makes the difference between just a little movement to a whole lot of randomized, fast-changing madness.

So even though this is the smaller version of a much more fully equipped plugin, it still holds its own when it comes to producing aesthetic errors and warbles. The quality of sound coming out of the plugin is absolutely production ready, and it creates a nice niche within the mix for any sound it is applied to. So use it sparingly to give your project a healthy dose of nostalgia.

It runs on macOS (10.11+) and Windows (10+) on both Intel and ARM machines. Only the VST3 version is included, along with AAX and AU. So if you are running a VST2 host, this plugin will not work, which is true for most new plugins that are coming out now. This is a 64-bit plugin and hence will only work on 64-bit DAWs.

Get it from the official Yum Audio website. You will have to create an account, but it is fairly quick and easy and doesn’t need you to verify your email account.

Download: LoFi Flux Light (FREE until January 2nd)


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