FREE StereoSavage 2 Elements Or Knock Clipper With Any Purchase


Plugin Boutique is doing another one of their monthly giveaways, where you get something free when you make a paid purchase.

This time, you get to choose between Knock Clipper by DECAP and StereoSavage 2 Elements. Both plugins are excellent at what they do and are great picks for your workflow.

StereoSavage is exactly as the name suggests – it is an all-rounder tool for playing with the stereo image of your mix.

It does everything from image control and metering to modulation. You can use it for double-tracking and auto-panning. There are presets for you to try out and get a feel for the different techniques at play here.

The Elements version comes with various tools such as stereo width, rotation, and panning. While stereo width and panning are probably commonplace for even newbies in production, rotation may not be immediately obvious.

This valuable piece of audio software engineering makes your center signal rotate around while keeping the stereo elements in place. So if you have a synth or vocal that is dead center with a bit of stereo reverb on it, the audio will feel like it’s moving to the sides while the reverb stays put.

You even get a phase correlation meter to check if you have a mono-compatible signal. And to check the mono signal, you get a dedicated mono button. There are also meters for input-output levels, because the plugin will sometimes affect the dB levels, and the meters will help you get a correct balance for an A/B comparison.

Knock Clipper is a small clipper unit straight out of the industry standard Drums that Knock Series. It is ideal for making your drums hit harder without ever crossing 0db.

It is very similar to “pushing” analog drums into the red, making them clip. You can adjust the clipping curve to get a softer or harder sound. There’s also a high-quality mode available for oversampling.

Get more details on both at the promo page on Plugin Boutique. The plugins are both available for Mac as well as Windows. This offer is available till January 31.

More info: Plugin Boutique


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  1. Just a heads up, BPB: That screenshot is of the full version of StereoSavage 2, not the Elements version; it’s kind of misleading.

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