OSC Audio SpringVerb Is FREE For A Limited Time


OSC Audio offers the SpringVerb ($1 value) reverb plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Spring reverb has been in use for a very long time. It first came into existence to add some ambiance to organs and soon found fame through its use in guitar cabinets.

Since the advent of the digital era, the spring reverb sound has been a de facto in pretty much all DAWs and numerous plugins. It is a great piece of audio manipulation to have in your tool kit.

Keeping that in mind, the SpringVerb from OSC Audio is a great choice because it is well-equipped to recreate the classic spring reverb sound while being flexible enough to go along with your own sound design ideas. Also, you are getting all of this for just $1, making it a great deal overall.

SpringVerb has three different ‘spring’ modes, which change the overall character of the sound that is being sent out. The first mode is called RedSprings. This is a much more pronounced coloring of the signal, described by the company as a full-bodied spring sound.

We would use it sparingly to create some overall ambiance or give life to individual instruments or vocals. The next mode is called DigiSprings, a more subtle variation of the spring sound, more suitable for adding just a hint of space. The third mode is called CaliSprings. This is a recreation of the twangy guitar amp spring that brought spring reverb into popular music.

There’s a decay adjustment in the first two modes, and the last one has its own built-in cabinet sound, so the decay doesn’t work on it. SpringVerb has dedicated knobs for wet, dry, decay, highpass, and lowpass. There are also toggles for switching to mono, switching between the spring modes, and bypassing the plugin altogether.

A great feature is the ability to save and load custom presets across all platforms. This means you can take presets of this plugin from a Mac machine and use them on the same plugin on a Windows Machine. All of the controls are also available for automation.

There is support for both macOS and Windows, and it is also coming soon to iOS. This is a VST3, AUv3, and AU plugin, and it also has a standalone mode.

SpringVerb typically costs $1, but you can get it for FREE for a limited time via the link below.

Download: SpringVerb (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Heads up: my Windows computer flagged this plugin as a trojan due to a file called Win32/Wacatac.B!ml . It could be a false positive, but I’ve never had another plugin flag an antivirus like this before, so I figured it’s worth mentioning just in case. Perhaps someone else can confirm whether this is a necessary file for a plugin like this or not.

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