Audiosingularity Releases FREE Neurontube Debut Guitar Amp


Audiosingularity releases Neurontube Debut, a freeware guitar amplifier plugin that rocks!

Guitarists who are going digital and recording into their DAWs, please take note. Neurontube Debut is possibly one of the most potent free guitar amp options that you will find in the modern pro audio landscape.

The makers, Audiosingularity, have used artificial intelligence to model stomp pedals and combined it with precision-recorded classic cabinets and hand-picked and carefully modeled amps. The resulting plugin is a beautiful and powerful-sounding guitar amp plugin that will make you fall in love with the classic electric guitar sounds.

The pedalboard is very well put together, with just the right number of pedals to give all that you need to create a powerful tone. It has fuzz distortion, delay, room reverb, chorus, and even a compressor. This combination is powerful enough to give you the perfect sound for your electric guitar.

You might even use your soft synth or analog synth and route the audio through the Neurontube Debut to get some exciting sound design options.

Audiosingularity has focussed a lot on recreating some of the best sounds that shaped the sound of the electric guitar through the ages. So you get names like Laney, Soldano, and Marshall when you are going through the amp and cabinet selections that you can choose from.

Even though these legendary names were not directly involved in the making of this plugin, popular vintage gear made by them served as the basis for the precision modeling that the company has achieved for this plugin.

The user interface is simple and made to look like an amp, of course. There are controls and levels for the input/output signals, noise gate control, amp selector, preset editor for saving your favorite sounds, and sections for amp, cabinet, pedals, etc.

This is a 64-bit VST3 plugin and works on both macOS and Windows. There’s also a Linux version, which should please a lot of open-source music makers. Get it at the official website linked below.

Download: Neurontube Debut


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  1. For now, on FL studio, switching to the Laney sim just crashes the audio engine of the whole software (either with the vst3 or AU version of the plugin). So, well, I’ll wait for a few updates before trying it again.

  2. Thank you BPB & Audiosingularity, i will try this later, this looks great.
    Linda-Audio released a Mac version of Sonicrusher, wow very nice work imo, all working perfectly on my computer. Thank you Linda-Audio

  3. Free LoFi instrument Scratchpad released by Patent Sounds

  4. Hey! Eduardo from audiosingularity here. We are glad that people are testing the plugin out!
    Yes, there are some bugs and we are working on it. Some systems is linking it more than others. Soon we will release an update.
    Huge thanks!

    • Always appreciate the developers who engage with the “grassroots” users/community, thanks for your hard work! :)

    • Eduardo…I had a bug where the AU plugin would no longer pass audio whenever I tried to click on the NT300 button. Each time I had to remove the plugin and reinstantiate it in order to pass audio again.

      I’m on a M1Max MBP, latest Monterey (not Ventura), latest LPX via Rosetta.

      Hope that is helpful for upcoming updates. And again it’d be great to see a UB2 version soon. :-)

    • I love when devs are active online and willing to listen to customer complaints and suggestions. Please consider fixing the FL Studio/Laney sim bug when you are able. Thanks!

    • Thanks, guys,
      A Mac user here – In Ableton Live 11 it works until I change the preset and then stops and never gets a sound after that. The meters clearly show that there is Input but no signal on the OUTput, this is for both AU ad VST version, haven’t tried the Standalone yet. Perhaps I should wait for an update. Besides, what I managed to hear before changing the preset was really promising and different than what I’m currently using. Keep going and thank you for the great job!

  5. The standalone version is not really usable as it lacks ASIO interface option and thus the latency is much too high. (It looks like this is built on the JUCE framework, so adding ASIO should be close to trivial :-) )

  6. Hi thank you for sharing. This sounds good but when I switch the amps, it crashes. I hope future updates will fix this issue.

  7. darkoverlordofdata


    I’ve installed this on UbuntuStudio. When I launch stand-alone, it looks good, the ui is easy to use. But it works for about 5 seconds, and then no more sound. I read the above comments, so I tried it from my DAW (Waveform11), but it’s unable to find the vst file. Where is it located? I’ve tried looking manually, and I don’t find it.

    This appears to be closed source – is that the case? This is ok with me, but in that case, where is the documentation? If we have no source code to look at, we have no way to find out how to use it other than play 20 questions on this blog.

    • darkoverlordofdata


      Ok, I finally got Waveform to load the vst. I have to use settings and tell it to scan the folder /usr/local/Neurontube.

      It threw up a message tat there was an error. It disappeared before I could read it, and the whole computer froze up. I had to to a hard reset.

      Too bad this doesn’t actually work.

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