DReverb Lite Is A FREE Algorithmic Reverb Plugin By Stone Voices


Stone Voices release DReverb Lite, a freeware algorithmic reverb plugin for Windows and macOS.

Stone Voices, makers of quality plugins, offer a lightweight version of their fully featured algorithmic reverb plugin, DReverb. It has low CPU usage and long reverb times going up to 100 seconds, making the plugin useful for producers and sound designers alike.

The sound quality is equal between the full and lite versions. The main difference is the depth of control that each one offers. As you may have already guessed, the Lite version features fewer controls, which may be good if you are looking for a simple reverb that sounds great.

The important part to note here is that in most typical mixing scenarios, the amount of controls given in the Lite version is more than enough.

You have all the important aspects of reverb available to you on the DReverb Lite plugin. It has four knobs controlling decay, width, color, and mix. Decay is the time it takes for the reverb tail to fade out, width is the stereo presence, color is mostly a matter of EQ, and mix combines dry and wet signals. So you have everything that you can ask for in a reverb plugin.

DReverb Lite comes in plenty of plugin formats, including VST2, VST3, and AU (on macOS). It is an excellent choice as a go-to reverb for those working on an older system, especially thanks to the low CPU usage.

There are 20 factory presets, and the interface is scalable. It is supported on Windows 7 and above and macOS 10.11 and above.

Get DReverb Lite for free on the Stone Voices website. If you’re looking for something more flexible, consider the Renaissance Reverb by Waves Audio which is currently free with any Loopcloud plan (including the free trial). The offer expires soon, though.

And if you want a lo-fi spring reverb to add some color to your tracks, check out our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin.

Download: DReverb Lite


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  1. I don’t know about this one :) Still, that’s what I thought about DReverb at first but then started using it after a while. I thought it could never replace Ambient Reverb and it didn’t, but now I use both. BTW, the last free version of Ambient reverb can still be downloaded at **link removed**. I like Stone Voices plugs. Brandulator is also great.

    • It’s a pity that the older freeware v4.3 of Ambient Reverb isn’t on the official website anymore. While I fully understand that newer versions changed licence, erasing the past is not something I agree with.
      I’ll certainly give this Lite version of DReverb a go, and be sure to download DReverb and stash it in case this Lite release is a harbinger of the full version going commercial also. :P

      • I took the time to test this itty bitty tiny thing. And… Tiny is only for the GUI part, as the lushy sound of this reverb is huuuge. So what about the lack of controls then? Well, obviously if you need a reverb on a complex sound, you might want to have input filters and EQ and whatnot, but say you only need a lushy verb on a single 808 clap à la Vangelis, you don’t need more than the decay and color knobs anyway, so why waste your eyes and possibly CPU on anything more? Yeah, me neither. Lovely thing.

  2. Love the Stone Voices Reverbs; especially Ambient Reverb, also DReverb. This one could indeed also become handy, when reaching for a quick and easy to adjust Reverb somewhere in the Chain.

  3. Thanks for the ino, but in the present world situation I am wary about using especially freeware from Russian developers.

      • +1. Besides, I consider free plugin devs to be a part of music community and dividing people based on where they’re from is narrow minded, at least.

        • Most people on this planet came from arbitrarily bordered portions of dirt headed by questionable people who found a way to make other people do insane poop on their behalf. More of the same is not the solution.

    • While I’ve been using Stone Voices’s plugins for years now, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, Numanoid!

    • Vasily Makarov


      Dear NUMANOID, as the developer of this plugin, I want to declare that I am in no way involved in the conspiracy of the globalists who unleashed a war in Ukraine. I live outside the system, in the remote Siberian taiga, and I am exclusively engaged in creativity. The plans of the world behind the scenes about the redistribution of spheres of influence in the world do not concern me.

  4. The full version of DReverb is free and easy on CPU, so I’m not really sure why anyone would want this Lite version, but thanks for the heads up!

    • Vasily Makarov


      Dear BRENNY, as the developer of this plugin, I want to declare that this version was developed by numerous requests from DReverb users to have a lite version with a minimum number of controls.

      • Yes, i can definitely see the appeal of something like this, much simpler/quicker to use. Plus, always appreciate developers who respond to feedback! :)

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