Get FREE Waves Renaissance Reverb With Any Loopcloud Plan


Loopcloud offers the Renaissance Reverb ($99) plugin by Waves as a free bonus with any Loopcloud plan (including the free trial) until January 16th.

Renaissance Reverb is an algorithmic reverb plugin by Waves Audio. The plugin offers a lot of flexibility, including twelve reverb types and an advanced early reflections generator.

Instead of specializing in a specific type of reverberation, Renaissance Reverb lets you choose between different reverb types, including Halls, Rooms, Chambers, Churches, Plates, Reverse Reverb, Gated Reverb, Non-Linear Reverb, EchoVerb, and ResoVerb.

Additional customizable parameters include reverb damping, a dual-band equalizer, de-correlation, and a tweakable early reflection system. Users who don’t want to waste time on manual adjustments can choose one of the included presets, including those supplied by Michael Brauer and Eddie Kramer.

Take a quick look at Renaissance Reverb in the demo video below.

To get Renaissance Reverb for free, activate any Loopcloud subscription plan or join the free trial before January 16th. After activation, you will receive details on how to redeem your free copy of the Renaissance Reverb plugin.

Loopcloud subscriptions start at €6.99 per month (the Artist plan). Please note that the Renaissance Reverb offer is also valid for all existing Loopcloud subscribers. If you’re subscribed to any Loopcloud plan, you’ve probably already received an email about the offer.

If you’re looking for a versatile reverb plugin, Renaissance Reverb is a must-have, especially for free. It’s flexible yet easy to use, thanks to the well-designed user interface.

Download: Renaissance Reverb (FREE with any Loopcloud plan)


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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Someone that worked for “Waves” said that this is a rotten company
    I tried few of their more newer products and they are not as good as their old ones

    Come on, there are so many other companies in the market

    • Waves definitely isn’t what they used to be. They used to be the leading industry standard of 3rd party plugins. The competition has gotten stronger and the quality (and pricing) of their plugins hasn’t evolved much. They do offer bunch of $29.90, buy 2 get 3 type of deals, but most of the plugins there are very old. Same goes with R-Verb, though the GUI is only 3+ years old the plugin itself is 10 years old (and the algorithm might be even older). It certainly has aged, it’s losing all versus comparisons to other plugins, and even most of the stock plugins are now better (especially the newer ones like FL’s LuxeVerb and Logic’s ChromaVerb). They are one of the rare companies that don’t provide you free updates, but instead charges for them. The actual code behind the GUI is all snake oil in most of their plugins, check out this video for instance: or more about waves in

      • Not this annoying nerd guy again. Dude is not even an audio professional, but just a Youtuber wannabe creating really nerve-wrecking content with his strange Gaelic accent.

        I don’t think highly of Waves, but statements like “SOMEONE said XYZ is ABC” are laughable to me as an adult person.

        To me Waves is decent, but not superb. I got some lesser known freebie plugins that outperform many of the Waves stuff. They definitely no longer have the status they had more than a decade ago, when there were very few third-party plugins out there. I have plenty of Waves plugins that I got for free over the years and only bought two Waves plugins in my audio career spanning more than 20 years.

        I hate their installation system and WUP. GUI / UX could also be better and many of their “analogue emulation” plugins could benefit from proper oversampling features. Out of 20 plugins I got from them only have 5 installed. They also no longer support my setup, hence I can’t use Waves V13 and V14 plugins anyway.

    • I have like a dozen of plugins from waves, got them completely free (legally). I haven’t used any yet, but I gotta say that their licensing and update policy is quite sh*t.
      Like pay for the plugin first and then pay for the updates on an yearly basis? I’d rather go for a subscription plan.

  2. Thanks for the links in comments guys. Wonder why the article makes it seem that this is only available when signing up for a subscription, when it’s possible to claim the plugin directly on Waves website? Specially considering that most of these subscriptions to claim a free plugin, are notorious for being very difficult to cancel (Antares and Loopcloud), really makes you wonder why these “freebies” keep getting posted here.
    Really makes BPB seem trustworthy.

    • I did subscribe to Loopcloud to get the plugin and try it as well, I cancelled within 24h as I didn’t like Loopcloud and it didn’t cause me any issue to cancel. FYI.

    • Because it’s a promotion for subscribers,you are supposed to get this with subscription.If the artcile tell you the short-cut,it may get troubles.

      • Well exactly, waves may not secure the download at all but Tomislav can’t just show that as it could poison his relationship with these firms. Be grateful the links aren’t removed from the comments…

  3. Puremagnetik Innervelt (Dark Haze Machine) is free this weekend:

  4. Ike is working for Waves. FAKE!
    They are just everywhere!!!
    Trying to get a name for themselves as a great company but they are indeed less efficient than they used to be

    Ike, find someone else that will believe your rubbish
    Good luck
    You will need it

  5. Nice deal on Karanyi Sounds Minipol synth, only $9. And then for some reason I had a virtual coin in my WA Prod account, which meant I got the synth at just $5 (plus VAT). I guess other users may have virtual coins lying in their account without realising too…

    • I bought it, but I must admit this synth didn’t really impressive very much from the get go. Should have tried the demo first. Caveat emptor.

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