Antares Throat Is FREE With 14-Day Auto-Tune Unlimited Trial


Antares offers the Throat physical-modeling voice designer plugin as a free add-on with a 14-day trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited.

There are countless plugins devoted to manipulating and processing vocals. Very few plugins center around emulating the vocal characteristics of the human vocal tract. Throat from Antares is a novel take on vocal processing and is free for a limited time with a 14-day free trial for Auto-Tune Unlimited.

Antares Throat is a complete model of the human throat and can manipulate your vocal tracks in subtle and chaotic ways.

The plugin’s interface is rather odd at first glance. A 3D model of a human throat and various strange parameters are the first things to greet a prospective user. Beneath this somewhat jarring initial introduction, Throat acquits itself quite ably as an easily navigated vocal processor.

Pitch shifting can be done to absolute extremes, with a range of an octave up or down from the original source material. This might not be used for most vocal adjustments, but for creative effects, it presents potential.

The breathiness and the rasp of a voice can also be manipulated. Controls are present for the length and width of a human throat as well as the glottal. Voice types can easily be manipulated, giving the user the opportunity to completely transform the recorded voice.

Vocal range is also a control parameter, allowing users to select between human vocal ranges to give more precision or control to the pitch shifting.

These are all solid features for an admittedly unusual take on the vocal processor. Antares Throat won’t compress or give the sheen of a polished production vocal, but what it does is unique enough to be worth a look. The interface hides no secrets. What you see is what you get.

Vocal plugins are plentiful, and the market is saturated with them right now, but very few attempt to do what Antares Throat does. The closest analog is perhaps Little Alterboy by Soundtoys, but that plugin doesn’t go out of its way to emulate any of the physical attributes of the human vocal tract.

Antares Throat is available for Windows and Mac users. Windows computers have the option of VST3 and AAX formats. Mac users can use VST3, AU, and AAX. All Antares plugins are Silicon compatible, so M1 and M2 users are well covered.

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Download: Antares Throat (FREE with a 14-day trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited)


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  1. Hi Music lovers, is there a way to get this throat plug-in without supplying debit card details? I think this is crafty and I feel uncomfortable just to get a free plug-in!

  2. Wish these products would be called ‘conditionally free’. The exchange is your personal info and the possibility you forget to cancel sub.

      • Yeah I don’t know.
        Everywhere we buy something on internet, we have to give personal informations, credit card number, phone number, etc….
        So why not here ?
        It’s the same thing.
        Maybe I’ll give a try…

        • I disagree because it’s not true. For example, You don’t require credit cards for YouTube or Most free plug-ins unlike this Throat freebie!

          • No, that’s not what I said.
            I talk about paid plugins; when you buy a plug-in, you give your credit card number (or any payment system).
            Here it’s the same, you give your credit card number, but you get finally a free plug-in.
            I don’t say it’s a good way to do, I’m not really agree with that, but finally, it’s not so bad…
            (anyway, i’m not sure yet I’ll do it :)

  3. I don’t see the problem. The offer is self explanatory – free for those who want to trial Auto-Tune.There’s no deception involved.

    • You missed the point entirely, It’s providing sensitive information of credit card details that most of us really feel uncomfortable with.

      • I didn’t miss the point other users are making, other users are missing the entire point of the offer. It clearly states it’s free for those who are interested in trialing/purchasing auto-tune.

        You made it clear you don’t intend on purchasing auto-tune, you just want the free product, and in doing so you presented a valid reason as to why companies have to go to “predatory” lengths when offering free trials,so as to weed out those who have no interest in ever paying.

        • You first sentence states ” I don’t see the problem ” then I stated the problem: It’s uncomfortable for most people divulging extremely private and sensitive information.

          Then you reinforced my point with the ” predatory ” point so thank you.

          A free plug-in should not require bank details, that’s why it’s free, it doesn’t require payment. Forget the trial, that’s just a lure to divulge & Antares will hope you forget to cancel subscription so they can make a couple of thousands of dollars without even getting up from bed.

          • you are misunderstanding
            the plugin isnt free for all
            its free if you sign up to autotune
            autotune trial requires CC details

            • No you are misunderstanding SRAE.

              the plug-in IS free for all if you give credit card details which is exactly the reason why I feel uncomfortable about this free plug-in.

              If you re-read my message and understand it properly, you might understand my problem better.

          • This is getting old but I just have to say, I am glad that Antares do this and I wish more companies would, I have gotten a few of their plugins for free from doing this.

            They are not “free” plugins, they cost money to create and purchase but Antares are giving it away for free to those who choose to try out their subscription. If you don’t want to do that then you might find a free alternative somewhere.

            For those that do choose to do it then we get to also try out the subscription and those that like it will keep it, if not then cancel, and as a bonus you still get to keep a perpetual lifetime license for the plug-in that you got for free.
            It’s not rocket science and if you are on the internet then you also have access to a multitude of ways to be able to set a reminder to cancel before the trial ends.

            Also if you are just doing it to get the plug-in for free and you have a bad memory and no access to any kind of reminder program, you can just cancel immediately after you have started the trial and you will still get the plug-in for free, have access to the subscription for the trial period and then it will just end on the end date without you even having to think about it.

            It’s a win/win situation and the consumer actually gets the better end of the deal.

            It’s annoying that people feel so entitled to shit they didn’t create especially when companies do cool promotions like this that allow people access to stuff they might not be able to afford and still get something out of it.

            Would you rather they just don’t do this and make you buy everything? Or give you a trial for a couple of weeks without any payment info involved and then just end the trial and lose access to everything?

            If you don’t want to give any payment details to anyone ever then just stick with free and open source stuff and quit complaining about actual business’s who make money by selling a product doing nice things that are beneficial to all involved. It’s not shady, everyone consents to everything involved and they make it very easy for you to NOT get charged any money at all and still get a paid product for free.

  4. Asking for debit/credit card information for a free/promotional product is a marketing trick to augment the perception of the value of bad products. It seems to be the case with this Antares “offer”.

  5. Well I went through the whole rigamarole…

    Sign up for free trial…cancel trial…fill out 3 page survey to access downloads…download the install manager…download and install “codehelper runtime” so the installation manager will work…validate email…installation manager downloads the actual plugin installer…run the installer..Oh and not to mention everyone’s favorite install manager feature…a load of plugins you can’t access without purchase get installed too…

    And in the end? Not nearly as cool as I thought it would be…but offers decent, low latency pitch shifting with some other, not-very-convincing modulators like “breathiness” that sounds like adding bitcrushed white noise. 30 minutes of administrative tasks…5 minutes of fun…and I doubt I’ll load it again.

    Not recommended. :(

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      Thanks. This is what we need – a more “real use” review of both this and other free software. A lot of software, free and otherwise, has a good feature list, but exposure to a real use case often points out things less obvious. If BPB ever wants guitar software reviews, I’m your man. It’s not just guitar acquisition syndrome I’m afflicted by…

    • Crazy Jake McGee


      Yeah, that about sums it up. I pretty much abandoned ship on this nonsense while trying to fill that daft survey. Never mind asking about my “preferred pronouns”, how about not requiring me to give an answer when you ask what my second DAW is? Strangely enough, I found one in the end, and it was called “Exit”!
      Trial cancelled, and that CodeMeter service thing can take a permanent hike.

  6. constantcreate


    I did this deal with them when it was for the “duo” plugin and had no problem at all with the process (it may have changed since then) and they didn’t make it shady at all to cancel . I may just do it again …

  7. Guys, this is not a free product. It’s a trial that comes with a free product. If you don’t want the trial (which requires personal info) than this is not for you. Simple as that.

    Plus, if you don’t trust antares you can register with your paypal account. I did that with no hassle.

    Hopefully the plugin works as advertised, I was looking for something like this. Thanks BPB writers!

  8. Throat is ok to produce backing vocals : record without then apply to change formant and add breathiness and roll out low end, compress heavily with LALA and add lovely Valhalla Supermassive delays, works decently/
    Can also be done with the free Melda Pitch plugin to change formants.

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