Excite Audio’s Lifeline Console Lite FREE For A Limited Time


Plugin Boutique and Attack Magazine offer the Lifeline Console Lite ($49 value) plugin by Excite Audio as a FREE download until January 27th, 2023.

There is no feeling quite like enhancing your audio with the warmth of a nice analog console, at least for those who enjoy that sound. When it comes to mixing your project, having an analog console emulator can make quite a difference in the final sound. Right now, you can get such an emulator for free until the 27th of January.

Lifeline Console Lite by Excite Audio is normally priced at $49, but you can get it for free from Plugin Boutique right now using the coupon code – Attack0123. The promotion is available thanks to Plugin Boutique and Attack Magazine.

The plugin will help you get the analog sound and get used to mixing in a control room environment. You can add modules as you like to get the final mix just the way you like it. You can easily enhance the sound or degrade it to the point of making it sound Lo-Fi. The console is fairly well equipped, even though it is the lite version of the fully featured Lifeline Console.

Lifeline Console Lite has several modules that will help you shape the sound that you are looking for. It includes a pre-amp, EQ, compressor, pitch modulation, and a special texturing module called wear (to add some pops and cracks to your mix. There’s even an option for applying the kind of console sound that you like. It is made in the shape of a triangle that controls the audio mix between dry, clean, and vintage.

You can also add warmth and shine that have their own dedicated knobs. So it is fairly well featured, and now that it is free, it is that much easier to add it to your workflow.

Get Lifeline Console Lite for free via Plugin Boutique. Use the coupon code Attack0123 at checkout to reduce the price to $0.

If you’re looking for more ways to warm up your audio, check out our free BPB Saturator plugin.

Download: Lifeline Console Lite (use coupon code Attack0123 at checkout)


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  1. Nice one! I really liked Lifeline Console when I demoed it. If this lite version is half as useful as the full version it will for sure be used in many projects going forwards.

  2. It looks like Plugin Boutique also has an upgrade from the currently free light version to the full version for just US$20 right now. I will definitely check this out.

  3. jared jennings


    very cool. I nice clear, dusty, old sounding effect. modulation, compression and tape, along with eq. it sounds great on my surge synth

  4. As of writing (22nd of Jan.), the coupon doesn’t work anymore. PB returns “This coupon code is not available anymore or not applicable for your order. Please provide another one.”

  5. Despite never having had an issue with the Plugin Boutique website or my account, a couple days, two PCs, and three browsers later, I couldn’t get the voucher to work…

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