Heavyocity Releases FREE Emotive Choir For Kontakt Player


Heavyocity released Emotive Choir, a free choir sample library for Kontakt Player.

Free Kontakt libraries are nothing new, but free Kontakt Player libraries are a rarity. Heavyocity, masters of sampling and distortion, have released a new one called Emotive Choir. This free library loads in the freely available Kontakt Player, opening it up for all users.

Two sound sources are included, one consisting of moving vowels and another of an ambient choir texture. Across the ten custom presets, these make for a beautiful and moving source of melodies and vocal pads.
A gate and arpeggio with controls are also available, lending themselves to rhythmic variations and complex melodic sequences.

An envelope control allows users to control the choir’s shape and feel, ranging from short vocal lines to ethereal pads.

This is capped off with a two-channel mixer, allowing users to blend in the individual sound sources to taste.

Also present are the master effects, consisting of punch, delay, and reverb. Punch seems to add distortion and compression, adding grit and body to the sound. Delay and reverb are self-explanatory but sound pretty lovely on the sounds.

The ten included presets are production-ready and would lend themselves well to hybrid or cinematic compositions. They work well as beds to lie underneath busy arrangements or as solo instruments for haunting melodic lines.

Emotive Choir is a beautiful addition to the limited Kontakt Player libraries available on the web. Users of all stripes could honestly benefit from the sounds present here.

Heavyocity’s servers, since its introduction, have taken a bit of a beating, and the library was briefly unavailable to download. However, Heavyocity seems to have rectified the issue, and interested users can once again snag this enticing freebie.

System compatibility extends to any computer that can run Kontakt or Kontakt Player. Emotive Choir does require Kontakt Player 6.7.1 or newer. Users with Komplete Kontrol controllers should delight in knowing the library is NKS-compatible.

Download: Emotive Choir


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  1. Sounds nice but it uses it’s own download and product manager so I’m out. I just don’t have time for that stuff. Just toss the library up as a simple download since it’s free anyway, no account should be needed here or product manager.

    • Actually, i found Heavyocity’s download manager to be very convenient & runs very well. You only need to bother with it when downloading a new product or checking for updates, then you can ignore it the rest of the time.

      Plus, if anything, the quality of their sounds is worth the tiny extra hassle in my opinion!

    • Oh, & might I add, Heavyocity’s excellent free “Foundations” series numbers 5 libraries already, besides some older freebies. Having 1 central download portal that’ll automatically download or update each of them, is much more convenient for me than individually downloading each.

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