Heavyocity Releases FREE Synth Bass Library For Kontakt Player


Heavyocity released FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass, a free Kontakt library featuring a selection of multi-sampled analog bass sounds.

Synth Bass is the latest addition to the FOUNDATIONS library line-up by Heaviocity. Its focus on analog synthesis is somewhat of a surprise since the previous entries were geared towards acoustic and orchestral instruments.

That said, Heaviocity is one of the most highly regarded sample library vendors on the market, so it’s interesting to hear their take on analog bass synthesis.

Here’s how the team at Heaviocty describes the latest release:

“Featuring the thick sounds of analog synth paired with an expertly-crafted and growling sound design layer, all presented in a highly customizable interface—FOUNDATIONS | Synth Bass delivers a fundamental starting point to build your story from the bottom up.”

Programming analog synths is fun, but building a sound from scratch takes time and skill. And even though we now have access to dozens of affordable analog synthesizers, they still cost money and occupy precious space in a studio (or a bedroom).

So, here’s your chance to save time, money, and space for an actual bed in your bedroom (although I’m sure most BPB readers wouldn’t complain if they had to sleep on a bed made of analog synthesizers).

Joking aside, Synth Bass is an excellent source of expertly crafted analog bass. Heavyocity created a compact yet highly versatile bass machine that is built upon two analog synth layers. They also included 10 custom presets, providing quick access to some highly usable bass sounds.

If you want to hear the included sounds before downloading the instrument, check out the official preset playthrough video below.

The user interface consists of four panels, each featuring a specific set of control parameters. The main panel lets you control the volume of the two available sound layers: Bass and Growl. The other three panels are where you’ll find the sequencer, the envelope settings, and the built-in effects (Punch, Delay, Reverb) powered by the Kontakt engine.

Synth Bass is available for free download via Heaviocity. The library is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin.

Download: Synth Bass


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