Output Arcade Is FREE For 30 Days + 20% OFF First Three Months


Output offers a free 30-day trial of Arcade and a 20% OFF discount on the first three months.

Arcade is a loop-based music creation tool by Output. It’s a virtual instrument that can help you discover new sounds, find inspiration, and develop new musical ideas.

You can think of Output Arcade as a modern alternative to a vinyl crate. It sits in your DAW and lets you play, chop, and layer a massive collection of instruments, melodies, and chords. It features over 50,000 royalty-free sounds and loops and a selection of effects and tools that let you customize the included presets.

Arcade’s session key tool automatically locks the sounds to your project’s key and tempo. This makes browsing and trying new sounds super easy without worrying about pitch and tempo adjustments.

The interface is streamlined, so beginners can play the presets immediately without getting confused by too many control parameters. However, if you’re a seasoned producer looking for ways to customize sounds and experiment with effects, you won’t be disappointed.

Arcade offers eleven insert effects (EQ, delay, phaser, distortion, lo-fi, and more), modulation, macros, layering, master effects, and a full-featured step sequencer. You can trigger the sounds and effects simultaneously on one MIDI controller. All the necessary audio mangling tools are there, and it’s your choice how deep you want to go with sound design in Arcade.

Output keeps adding new sounds to Arcade almost daily, and thousands of sounds are already available. If you already have a collection of samples and loops on your computer (in other words, if you’re already a BPB reader), you can import those sounds into Arcade and use the sound engine to manipulate them.

Watch Ricky Tinez’s video below to gain insight into how Arcade enhances creativity in music production when flipping samples and loops.

And we’re only scratching the surface here. If you’re looking for an instrument that could inspire you and help you compose new tracks, you can try Arcade for free and see if it fits your workflow.

Arcade is free to try for 30 days (a credit card or PayPal is required to start the trial). After that, Arcade is available with a $10 monthly subscription (or $99 yearly). You can currently get a 20% OFF discount on the first three months.

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More info: Output Arcade (FREE for 30 days, 20% OFF first three months)

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