2B Delayed Classic Is FREE Until January 31st


2B Played Music offers the 2B Delayed Classic (€16,53 value) delay plugin as a FREE download until January 31st, 2023.

Makers of cool sound design toys 2B Played are celebrating the winter season with a flash sale that is on for a limited only. As part of the sale, the company is giving away its creative stereo delay plugin, 2B Delayed Classic, for free with a coupon code – 2BFREE. It is advertised all over their website as well, so you can’t miss the offer.

A creative stereo delay, as the name suggests, goes beyond a simple delay. It has in-depth features that add various layers of filter, reverb, and more that create profound, audible alterations in the final output. At this level, the plugin becomes less of a regular delay and more of a sound design tool that adds movement to the sound while also sculpting and adding volume to it.

2B Delayed Classic has a decent selection of built-in presets with fairly self-explanatory names. These will help you get started, and with observation, it will become fairly obvious what each of the controls does.

The main component that adds to the dynamic nature of the sound is the ability to uncouple the stereo parameters of the delay. This means the delay timing can be different on the left and right channels. The amount of decay or feedback can be adjusted via a large central dial.

In addition to this, there are high-pass and low-pass filters with resonance control, a distortion effect, and something called lush, which is essentially a reverb to create ambiance.

2B Delayed Classic is a very nice plugin that combines several commonly used tools into one neat combo package. The UI is clean, simple, and easy to use.

Get it for free from the official website. The free download offer ends on January 31st.

Download: 2B Delayed Classic (FREE with coupon code 2BFREE until January 31st) 


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