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W.A. Production launched a $9 deal on Minipol ($49 regular price), a virtual analog instrument by Karanyi Sounds.

Here is your chance to get a sweet $9 deal on a very classic-sounding analog soft synth that is very light on your system yet very versatile!

Minipol (regular value $49) is a really well-designed software instrument that uses samples in a very creative way that bypasses the hassle of live hardware modeling, which is quite a CPU-hungry process.

Instead, Minipol uses waveform samples and effects recorded from classic hardware synths and effects. It models all the envelopes and filters along the same lines to recreate the fat analog sounds that we have all come to love and respect.

If you are an electronic music producer, you cannot deny the appeal of the classic analog sound. From the 808 to the Juno and Moog synths, it is everywhere in almost every genre you can point at. Generally, to get that same sound quality, it’s a choice between spending a large amount of money on buying analog gear and buying expensive hardware modeling soft synths that are often highly complex and CPU hungry.

Karanyi, the makers of Minipol, recognized these issues and created this powerful micro synth that works like a ROMpler but with much more flexibility. Using smart randomization tools, the developer gives you a lot of flexibility in your workflow and ways to spark creativity. They also ship the synth with 300+ beautiful sounds created by professional music producers and sound designers.

However, what we like the most is the ability to design our own sounds just as we would on a regular analog synth. The interface is very simple and intuitive to use. It has four virtual oscillators, each with independent pitch and pan adjustments, as well as dedicated oscillators for noise and sub, all modeled on various popular analog synths and based on samples recorded on them.

Minipol also has a plethora of high-quality classic effects, the highlight of which is the reverb captured from classic reverb units by TC, Lexicon, Quantec, Eventide, and more. It is a VST3 plugin with AU options and native Apple silicone compatibility.

Get the discount now on the W.A. Production website. The sale ends on the 26th of January, 2023.

Get the deal: Minipol ($9 until January 26th) 


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  1. When I click on the minipol link it says that the plugin does not exist and I should look at their other plugins. Not very promising

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