Dotec-Audio Releases FREE DeeDoubler Vocal Doubler Plugin


Dotec-Audio releases DeeDoubler, a freeware vocal doubler effect in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

Vocal doubling is a mixing technique where the lead vocal is duplicated and slightly altered in pitch and timing to create a fuller, more harmonized vocal sound. This technique is commonly used to add depth and richness to the vocals, making them stand out in the mix.

One very famous example is the song Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Watch the video below to hear Kurt’s doubled vocals and producer Butch Vig’s commentary on how they were recorded.

You’d typically have to record multiple vocals to achieve this back in the pre-DAW era, but the effect can now be emulated using vocal doubler plugins. Of course, the emulation won’t sound as good as proper double tracking, but you can achieve sufficiently good results using plugins.

One such tool comes from Dotec-Audio, a Japanese developer known for crafting useful mixing and mastering tools. Best of all, DeeDoubler is free to download and use!

DeeDoubler is a quality vocal doubling utility that is also really easy to use. It has a simple interface that lets you adjust the amount of doubling, as well as the delay of it that controls the width of the final sound. The sound quality is excellent.

Used correctly, DeeDoubler can elevate your next vocal track and make it sound fuller without recording multiple vocal layers. It also works well with spoken word styles.

There’s an option for bypassing the effect, labeled as ‘power.’ Other than the visualizer to add to the aesthetics, those are the only three controls on the plugin.

Here’s a demo video that shows the plugin in action:

DeeDoubler works on both Windows and Mac and has 64-bit and 32-bit options for Windows but only 64-bit for Mac. It comes in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. Get it for free from the official Dotec website.

Download: DeeDoubler


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  1. Looks like iZotope’s is still the one to beat hen, this like so many just sounds like a delayed chorus. not the same as a good double track

    • Yeah, didn’t sound that good to me in the Youtube demo.

      I just recently re-discovered Acon Digital’s Multiply, & will probably test it on a track next week, do a mini-comparision with a few of these to see which sound the most natural.

    • Not a big fan of iZotope doubler, either. Not that it’s bad or something but any chorus or ensemble plug will do that kind of effect which is fine at times. Airwindows Doublelay or lkjb Pitched Delay are the two I use the most but any pitch shifter and delay will do, really.

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