New Web App Mindful Harmony Is A FREE Composition Tool


Twiddle Coding releases a composition tool called Mindful Harmony, available as a free web app.

Have you ever been writing a new song but got stuck because you didn’t know how to capture the feeling? Well, look no further than Mindful Harmony, a free app designed to help composers capture the right emotions for songs using the circle of fifths.

Twiddle Coding released the app this month in beta via their website. Twiddle Coding is operated by video game composer Sebastian Karika, and his browser-based app is both ad-free and free to use.

Karika explained that he designed the app as a tool for composing music: “It’s called Mindful Harmony because it helps you to be mindful of harmony when making music. It forces you to use the circle of fifths as a basis for your compositions, which allows unlocking the specific emotions you are after.”

The app uses the circle of fifth as the basis for several features, which include:

  • Making deliberate, purposeful modulations;
  • Quickly finding available chords in a given scale;
  • Experimenting with harmony and expanding your musical vocabulary.

Mindful Harmony has piano, strings, guitar, and chip instruments available, and you can create chord progressions using the circle of fifth as a guide in the interface.

The app is fairly straightforward to use, and it offers different circles based on different scales as well as changing the chord extensions or voicings on the fly.

Karika said while working as a video game composer, he sought to make modulations between different modes. However, he found this time-consuming to do manually.

“I made an excel document with some automation to help me find the available chords in a certain scale,” he explained. Mindful Harmony was born out of that workflow. I wanted to make it easier to play with harmony, and I wanted to open up these possibilities to more people. That is why Mindful Harmony is free.”

The app is currently in beta as Karika bug-tests it, as this is the first time it has been made available to the public.

Karika added that “If you like the tool, please consider buying me a coffee. It will motivate me to continue providing the service and keep developing it.”

If you wish, you can support the ad-free development via the official website or on Karika’s ko-fi page.

More info: Mindful Harmony

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  1. Given how it looks and functions at the moment, and I think how it will improve in the future, I would already give for this first place for 2023 in the category “Music Theory” :)

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