FKFX Launches FREE KrishnaSynth Legacy Synthesizer


FKFX relaunched KrishnaSynth Legacy, a modernized version of the KrishnaSynth virtual synthesizer plugin initially released by Devine Machine Software in 2007. The new Legacy plugin is available in Free and Full editions.

Revisiting plugins of yesteryear rarely holds the same promise and potential as something like your old guitars or hardware synths. However, there is undoubtedly some merit to revisiting the timbres of the past, and FKFX looked back to the year 2007 for their most recent release.

KrishnaSynth is back from the dead, with Silicon binaries and 64-bit support. For those seeking a refresher or a small history lesson, KrishnaSynth was originally a paid synth nearing 16 years of age from its initial release. KrishnaSynth has a novel approach to generating sound, not too dissimilar to a wavetable synthesizer.

At the core of the synth is the frame oscillator, capable of importing audio and allowing you to draw your own waveforms. There is a slew of effects to further shape the oscillator’s sound. Things like mirroring or PWM inversion make for an odd dose of prescience when looking forward to Serum and its many imitators.

The other two oscillators are bog standard affairs, generating your typical analog waveforms. These work well for incorporating a little more foundation and strength into the frame oscillator.

Modulation is also significantly ahead of its time, considering FKFX has modernized the synth but not reinvented it. The six drawable LFOs can be dragged to any parameter you wish, and a selection of separate envelopes can also be pointed to additional parameters.

Filtering is probably KrishnaSynth’s weakest area, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lacking. It certainly hails before the era of zero delay feedback filtering models, but it works well for cleaning up the signal. Resonance isn’t stepped, and filter sweeps sound absolutely divine on the right sources.

Watch the video below for a quick step-by-step guide on installing KrishnaSynth Legacy.

KrishnaSynth is available in two different flavors, a slimmed-down free package that offers up the 1000 or so presets of the original and a good amount of sound crafting potential. The paid version allows for the import of audio files to the frame oscillator and is available for a reasonable $49.99.

Windows and Mac systems are both supported. Windows users only have the option of VST3, and Mac users get VST3 and AU plugin formats. There are M1-compatible binaries.

Download: KrishnaSynth Legacy (Free and Pro versions available)


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  1. This article states that the free version comes with 1000 presets, it only comes with 88. Only the paid version comes with all the presets.

    • Avatar photo

      Oh my mistake my only experience was with the paid one this weekend, I ended up loving the noisy character enough to grab the full version for myself so I could take advantage of the sample importing. Do kind of wish there was some method of initializing a patch.

    • If you need more presets, CHE has earlier made three free soundsets for the synth, a total of 340

      • Old presets are not compatible with the new version of the synthesizer. Or else fkfx fixed it. But I don’t think so :)

        • It worked for me, I can load CHE’s presets up in the new release of the plug.

          Obviously caveat emptor: there are many variations on the same presets, and for those liking Goa Trance in particular

          But init preset missing in the new release, CHE has provided that in the Zen as “A Zero Star Preset” So that is a bonus

            • I figured it out!

              This is the route where you shoud paste the folders (banks) containing the presets:

              \KrishnaSynth Legacy Data\KrishnaSynth Legacy Data\Presets

              It was confusing due to the different folders called “presets”

              It worked!

  2. I remember this synth from back in the day, it disappeared rather quickly after being launched bin 2007. Good to see it back

    I actually count that 97 presets are included

    I used the regular Win dll VST, and after loading it up it created a folder in “This PC/Music/” for the Legacy Data
    But a handful of presets are built into the synth, so I find that when copying over the data one can’t swap the preset folder, as one then will lose the patches built into the VST. One has to copy the content of each subfolder. A bit of a chore, but worth it.

  3. My situation is this: I can buy the full version no problem, when I click on the option it takes me right to checkout. but when I try to get the free one it doesn’t work and sends me to the home page.
    Any ideas why it does that?

  4. It seems you can get the full version + extra presets a bit cheaper by joining their Patreon for €3,50, buying the full version with 50% off and then cancel Patreon. Haven’t tried it myself but that should work.

    • Can the full version be resized ? The GUI in the free version is passable, but really to small on newer hi-res screens

    • i still use minion, it’s a secret weapon. i have an old mac system. i also use that mac for thonk, minion, and a few others… i emailed steve about minion, no plans to retrieve it (this was over covid lockdowns)

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