VCV Rack 2 Released (Free & Pro Versions Available)


After two years in the making, VCV Rack 2 is here.

A couple of months ago, we previewed VCV Rack 2 and discussed what users could expect from the highly-anticipated update. With some exciting new features in place, we are glad to say the wait is over, and VCV Rack 2 can now be all yours.

VCV Rack 2 will come in two versions, Free and Pro. The Pro version will have an intro price of $99 and return to a regular $149 in 2022.

When overhauling any software with such a large following, the maxim you can’t please everyone is always prevalent; this is often especially true of freeware.

VCV Rack 2 Free is an open-source, standalone application, as it always was. The software works in Standalone mode or as a VST2 plugin in your DAW with more plugin formats to follow.

As much as I love free plugins, I think it’s important to compare the Pro version to other paid plugins rather than wonder why it isn’t all free. Whether using VCV Rack 2 as an instrument or an effect plugin, the scope of use is vast.

It offers up to sixteen audio input/output channels (eight stereo/sixteen mono) that you can use for processing or performing. Using sequencer modules, you can generate MIDI for other DAW tracks via sixteen MIDI input/output channels.

There are over 170 official modules and over 2000 on the VCV Library; you can automate up to 1024 parameters and run multiple instances in your project. In terms of the number of creative options, it’s a monster.

This colossal upgrade comes with over 100 new features, including Dark Room Mode, an enhanced module browser, and a redesigned interface. The redesigned and now 3D interface doesn’t just look better; it makes it easier to see what’s going on with a busy setup.

One of my favorite new features is the ability to save/share groups of modules. Many modules come to life when coupled with certain complementary others, and VCV Rack 2 makes it easy to pre-arrange those selections for quick recall.

If you’re new to Eurorack, I highly recommend starting with the free version; it’s a fantastic musical and educational tool. If you’re already familiar with VCV Rack, I guess it’s a question of value for money, and I think the wide range of modules and features in convenient plugin form more than justifies the price tag.

VCV Rack 2 isn’t the only modular game in town; Voltage Modular is still reasonably popular, and AAS Multiphonics CV-1 is excellent. But VCV Rack deserves its legendary status, and this update looks fantastic.

You can grab a bundle including VCV Rack 2 Pro, VCV Drums, and VCV Sound Stage for $139 ($209 in 2022).

VCV Rack 2 is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux; source code also available for download.

More info: VCV Rack 2 (free – standalone, $99 – standalone, VST2 plugin, more plugin formats coming soon.)

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  1. I think its important to note that pro version is the only one offering VST functionality. Free version is standalone only.

  2. Friendly reminder that VeeSeeVSTRack is still a thing if you don’t have $99 to spare. It’s most likely inferior but still it’s been easily my favorite VST plugin in my library.

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