BPB Deal: Get 90% Off ImPerfect And Expansions Bundle


BPB teamed up with W.A. Production to offer an exclusive 90% discount on the ImPerfect virtual instrument bundle ($399 value) containing 24 preset packs. The promo ends on February 12th, 2023. At checkout, all you have to do is redeem the coupon code BPB-IMPERFECT, and you can get this massive pack of goodies for the low cost of $39.90.

ImPerfect is W.A. Production’s take on the flaws and quirks of venerated analog gear in softsynth form.

There is a good deal of fun to be had with ImPerfect, and the sound design possibilities are quite high for those who love designing their own sounds. Up to five oscillators are selectable, giving a good breadth of choices for sounds.

The first two oscillators offer up your standard four analog waveforms. Where it gets more interesting is the addition of RM, FM, noise, a sub-oscillator, and a sampler. Waveforms can be further manipulated with old stalwarts like tuning, detuning, and pulse width modulation.

ImPerfect aims to be an intuitive plugin, and this is particularly noticeable when you look at the control labels, especially the Wacky, Cracky, and Shaky sliders. These parameters model the imperfections you’d get in a less-than-ideal piece of analog gear.

Cracky imparts some saturation, giving some real grit to the base sound signal. Shaky gives way to subtle pitch fluctuation, letting your sounds drift in and out of tune. Wacky imparts some more extreme settings to the phaser, chorus, and delay, giving more of an uncertain space.

Rounding out ImPerfect’s features is an included arpeggiator, which is admittedly a bit bare compared to some other instruments. You can latch the arp as you wish, and it supports up to four octaves of arpeggiation.

ImPerfect isn’t looking to reinvent the wheel necessarily, but it does provide a lot of fun for those wanting something a little atypical from the usual fare. The massive amount of presets included in this pack more than guarantees you’ll find some great sounds to use in your own productions.

ImPerfect is available for Windows and Mac users. Windows requires a 64-bit host and supports VST and AAX plugin formats. Mac users thankfully have a native M1 binary as well as support for AU, AAX, and VST plugin formats.

Act quick, as this exclusive BPB deal ends on February 12th.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We may receive commissions when you click our affiliate links and make purchases. BPB uses affiliate links as a way to support the website and bring you the latest and greatest music production software deals and freebies.

Get the deal: ImPerfect (use coupon code BPB-IMPERFECT at checkout, make sure that ImPerfect is the only item in your shopping cart)

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    What is the next BPB Deal you would like to see? Please suggest the software you’d like to get a discount on.

    • Such a fair question. I really wonder if the few cents made through the referral link (hopefully nobody is so dumb to buy this) are worth a reputation that took so many years to accumulate

      • I’m curious, are you mad about the “few cents” you could have saved by buying it at full price or by not buying it at all?

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Just wanted to add that I understand how someone won’t like a particular deal, but I don’t understand the need to be dramatic about it. If you don’t like ImPerfect or any other plugin, just wait for the next article. BPB has tons of freebies, deals, and there are many more freebies and deals to come.

          I also hereby invite all BPB readers to request specific software discounts, and I’ll do my best to make those happen on BPB if possible.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      BPB earns a small portion of each sale, and that’s what makes deals like this possible. Running a website isn’t free, and having some income is necessary to keep it running.

      I’m open to suggestions about the software that readers would like to see discounted on BPB. I will ask for suggestions on Twitter (https://twitter.com/bpblog/status/1623273466450399233) and here, and you’re welcome to share your suggestion.

  2. ImPerfect – one of the worst synth iv ever obtained. Very unstable parameters. A huge amount of similar sounds and presets. Very low quality.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Oh, I didn’t know that. Couldn’t find it on AudioDeluxe, can you please share the link here? Maybe they had that deal in the past but it expired (if it’s still there, then there’s no point in having this deal so I’ll remove it).

    • I have not seen Imperfect free with purchase anywhere. But Imprint is currently free with purchase at AudioDeluxe.

  3. LOL BPBs credibility continues to go down the drain. “I share freebies as well as deals that I know will interest the community”, more like if it cannot be posted with a referral link, it’s probably not that good for the community after all.
    Why even post this BS? Comment section is already dead, as if the posts here aren’t even engaging anymore. Definitely unfaved BPB and will not return. Within the last 6 months, i don’t think I discovered about one freebie/deal on BPB that i had not heard before elsewhere, sometimes days before. Thankfully BPB exclusive freebies get posted elsewhere, and BPB “exclusive deals” would also get posted elsewhere if these were even worth mentioning, which they obviously are not
    Bye losers that keep coming here for nothing

    • Speak for yourself. For the rest of us, BPB is more than just the sum of it’s posts or deals, & still my daily go-to for bedroom-composer inspiration.

      Plus, they are more than entitled to try make some cash by offering a few affiliate deals once in awhile, after all the effort that they’ve done for us their community over the years.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi, I always appreciate feedback, both positive and negative, but you are sharing false information here.

      Firstly, regarding your comment about BPB’s credibility – I won’t try to defend my own credibility, but the facts are that BPB’s audience is constantly growing, the community is thriving, and that the feedback from multiple reader polls I ran in December 2022 was overwhelmingly positive. We have forthcoming collaborations with developers we never thought possible, including exclusive freebies for the BPB community (one launching next week). I don’t thing any of this would be possible for a website/blog without credibility.

      Secondly, the comments section on BPB is the opposite of dead – there are more comments than ever before, and BPB is lucky to have some of the most positive, good-hearted readers I could imagine. Here’s a big THANK YOU once again to all our wonderful readers who share their tips, suggestions, jokes, and general banter in the comments on BPB. You all are amazing and it’s humbling how many times a comment from one of our readers made my day.

      Thirdly, if you haven’t discovered anything new on BPB, that’s okay. I can’t post as frequently as I used to, due to some changes on the personal front, but all important freebies are still featured in our news section. We also provide detailed overviews and mini-reviews of each news item when possible. Even so, the fact is that at least a couple of freeware news items were first announced on BPB this year alone.

      I am constantly working on improving BPB’s back end, including a site redesign (due this year), new community features, and more. Also, more exclusive content is coming in 2023, including free BPB plugins, sample packs, exclusive deals, and tutorials (as requested by our readers in the poll).

      And lastly, your comment “Bye losers that keep coming here for nothing,” reflects your attitude. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Well, I, too, liked it better when BPB posted about freebies only. And it was sure the best at that – all of the good free plugins could be found here. That’s on one hand and on the other, what was good then is good now and most of the new plugins are merely alternatives to already existing ones more often than not of a lower quality, so posting about them exclusively doesn’t make that much sense anymore and it’s nice to get the information about good commercial plugins being on sale or given away for free. Anyways, at times I do think they should pay more attention to the quality of the software they post about both free and paid. Just my 0.02.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Alex, thanks for your feedback. Until a few years ago, I aimed to feature every single freebie on BPB. This isn’t possible anymore because there are simply too many new plugins and sample packs out there, so I try to share only the stuff that meets a certain quality threshold. If I understood correctly, you would prefer fewer articles in general, and raising the bar when it comes to the quality requirements for being featured on BPB?

      That’s an interesting point, if so. I should probably run a poll about this, too, and check the general opinion on this.

      As for sharing freebies only, I ran multiple polls about the type of content readers would like to see on BPB, and only 40% of the readers are here only for freeware news. Around 30% of readers requested more articles about deals and discounts. So, I try to mix things up as much as possible. Still heavily focused on freeware, but deals are included, too.

      Any additional feedback is welcome.

      • Hi Tomislav, I love all the BPB plugins, would there be a way for them to be, I don’t know, “freemium”, with some extra functionnality that would require payment ? Or maybe simply paid plugins with a really low price? Could help, I don’t know…

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Hey frozenjaZz, thank you for the comment and the suggestion. I don’t want to require payment for BPB plugins because BPB has always been primarily about free stuff. There’s the option to donate any amount when downloading BPB plugins on Gumroad, if you’d like to support the website this way. https://bpb.gumroad.com/

          I recently released an updated version of BPB Dirty Filter called BPB Dirty Filter Plus (https://bpb.gumroad.com/l/dirtyfilterplus) with additional features, and BPB Saturator Plus is dropping soon. After that, the plan is to release a couple of new plugins, and both will be free (with optional donations).

      • Hay Tomislav, I’ve been following BPB since the day one and what you’ve been doing is great and I want to thank you ever so much. Fifteen years ago we were still chasing free plugs all over the net because there wasn’t too many of them and commercial ones were still very expensive. Times have changed and market is oversaturated with plugins, free and paid which makes it hard to separate good from mediocre ones. Besides, devs like Cockos, Melda, Blue Cat Audio, Voxengo, Jeroen Breebaart, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Valhalla, just to mention a few that are still around set the bar pretty damn high, so finding plugins that are just as good, let alone better, is really hard. OTOH, people like new stuff even when it’s not better :) Because of that I can’t tell you if it would be better for the site to have fewer articles even if I would surely like it. For me, it was always quality over quantity. Besides, that would help unexpirienced people to really get their hands on top plugins only. That said, most of best FX lists need to be updated, because, every once in a while the plugins that deserve to be on them show up, and then get forgotten. Also, I’ve never said you shouldn’t have articles about commercial plugins. I said I thought it was good to have them. Again, not all of them are really good and it would be good to avoid comments like some of the above in the future.
        I’m sorry to say that, but sometimes it really feels like some of the articles are published just for the sake of it. Anyways, whatever you decide to do or not to do in order to make BPB even better is fine. AFAIC, I’ll be always be more then happy to drop a line or two when I (think I) have something useful to say :)

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          First of all, thank you from being here from the start! And absolutely, please drop a few lines whenever you feel like sharing something. It really helps me steer BPB in the right course.

          The truth is, some freeware news really do get posted just for the sake of it, but that is because I’ve received complaints from readers when there are days without any content. So I try to post every day and sometimes there simply isn’t enough quality stuff to write about.

          However, I do believe that fewer news articles and higher quality requirements to make it into the news section could be better in the long run. It would also help me and the team focus on longer articles, tutorials, and updating the best free plugin articles more often.

          Then again, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sometimes I feature a free plugin that I’m not really into (just for the sake of it) and then it gets a dozen comments about how amazing it is.

          Definitely giving this some more thought, thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Matthew B. Carter


    Hi Tomislav, after reading through the comments section for this post I would really like to commend you for the care you put in to responding to each comment thoughtfully. Your communication with the fans and supporters is greatly appreciated and shows you really care about the integrity of this platform.

    What impresses me even more is that fact that do not block or remove critical or negative feedback, and instead respond to that feedback directly and allow for open discussion amongst community members. That, in my opinion, shows the true credibility of BPB.

    I also agree with other members that the Imperfect synth (and many other W.A Production plugins to be honest) are not particularly good compared to the competition.

    If I did not already know this though, reading the feedback left by other BPB members would help me see through the marketing and potentially help me save money on a sub par product. This is hugely valuable with the absolutely endless stream of music production software releases.

    MANY websites (both related and unrelated to music production news and software) simply remove negative feedback and comments from users to protect their image and brands. PluginBoutique for example does not even let users post comments about plugins and instead uses a terrible star rating system that doesn’t really give you a good idea of the quality of the product.

    Anyways, I’ve been really impressed with BPB lately. I have absolutely no problem with the affiliate links as long as they are properly disclosed to readers. If I don’t like a plugin or product that is posted here, I simply don’t download it.

    Thank you Tomislav and BPB staff for all that you do. I think I speak for many people when I say that BPB is a great place to hang out.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Matthew, thank you so the kind words and constructive criticism. Yes, I don’t delete comments unless they contain insults and foul language. Just as you wrote, negative comments are valuable and can help readers make up their minds about purchasing or downloading a certain product.

      Thank you for reading BPB! :)

  6. The Imperfect respecter


    Man this comment section would be so much better if anyone in it actually understood what imperfect is for. It’s to easily make sounds that are not perfect and offer control over how far you want to go from perfect.

    Can also make good sounds easily btw.

  7. Is there a way to resize imPerfect, the GUI is small. I bought this a couple of years ago, is there a later version than v1.5 ?

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