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Spread Light and Flux Light by Yum Audio are free until February 28th, 2023.

What’s better than a free VST plugin? Two free VST plugins! Call it a coincidence, but Plugin Boutique and Yum Audio are pairing up to giveaway exactly TWO free plugins for a limited time.

Flux Light and Spread Light are both available for free from the popular plugin retailer.

Flux Light

Flux Light imparts a bit of that lo-fi character to your sounds. Less so in the distorted, bit crushing feel, and more in the warble and flutter you might expect of a beat-up cassette.

Those very enamored with the sounds of lo-fi hip-hop and house would do well to snag it, as it gives some of the character of popular lo-fi plugins like XLN’s RC-20. Users might miss out on the distorted elements imparted by other cassette sims (such as Magnetite, currently on sale), but pitch fluctuation is a wonderful addition of character to sounds.

Flux Light is dead simple to navigate, with only a few basic controls to hone in on your sound. The warble knob functions as you’d expect. Instability is a more curious option though, giving either slow or fast modulations to the pitch.

What it lacks in granular control, it more than makes up for with vibe. It pairs particularly well with tape saturation, like the wonderful Ferric TDS from Variety of Sound.

Spread Light

Spread Light is a stereo-processing utility that allows users to narrow or widen their sounds. Much like Flux Light, the interface is all killer and no filler, and it’s relatively easy to dial in.

The stereo processor features a streamlined interface and can pan or widen elements as desired. It’s particularly useful on lush synth pads and pairs up well with your reverb of choice.

Yum Audio and Plugin Boutique are running the giveaway until the 28th of February, so move fast before the deal is gone.

Windows users can expect compatibility with VST3 and AAX versions included in both releases. Mac users have the option of VST3, AU, and AAX. There is nothing stated as to whether Apple Silicon users have native compatibility.

Get the deal: Yum Audio (FREE until February 28th)

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  1. I already have both of these fantastic plugins but if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Go snag ’em right now! You’ll be glad you did.

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