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Plugin Boutique continues its massive slate of 11th Anniversary deals, and its latest offering is a wide range of discounts on iZotope products and bundles.

iZotope has a good many of its flagship products on sale until February 28th. There is a lot to take in, so the focus will be on more frugally-minded deals.

Stutter Edit 2 has been a fun revisit of a classic VST and adds a lot more of everything across the board in terms of effects. Users can get a hold of this glitchy multi-effect playground for $20 or crossgrade if they own any iZotope product for $10.

The iZotope Elements collection is on sale again, and it’s a bit difficult to recommend picking up individual Element plugins. They come in at $32.25 a piece, but you can save quite a bit if you opt for the Elements Suite at $49.99.

Those looking for more in-depth mix processors might find some interest in Neutron, which is on sale for $219.45 or available for crossgrades at $108.

If you’re in the market for a mastering suite, Ozone is an ever-popular choice. The standard version of iZotope’s mastering suite will run you $136.95, or the available crossgrade at $108.90.

Plugin Boutique also has a special iZotope Anniversary Bundle on sale with Ozone 10 Elements, Neutron 4 Elements, Insight 2, Stratus, Stutter Edit 2, and Audiolens on sale for $49.99. For the money, this is a pretty decent deal and bundles together a few of iZotope’s more popular effects with some decent metering options.

Neoverb is also on sale, with the current sales price not quite reaching the all-time low of late last year at $54.45. Users can also crossgrade at $39.00, which isn’t quite on the level of the recent Plugin Alliance sale, but still decent.

There are a lot of solid plugins on sale through iZotope, and it joins the plethora of deals on offer from Plugin Boutique to celebrate its birthday.

iZotope offers VST2, VST3, and AAX versions of their plugins for Windows users. VST, VST3, AAX, and AU are available for Mac users. Silicon compatibility is on a case-by-case basis, with most of the aforementioned deals having AU and VST3 native versions.

Unfortunately, Pro Tools users have no M1 binary options, as AAX still needs Rosetta to function.

Download: iZotope Sale (up to 94% OFF until February 28th)


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  1. $10-20 for stutter edit 2.. Crazy.

    Thanks for the headsup on the sale!

    Btw, do you know what happened to Focusrite’s plugin collective? haven’t found any news about it online, and the last collective they ran ended on Jan 14th. I still see focusrite retailers selling the collective perk though, so I’m wondering what’s going on.

  2. Good disounts at plugin alliance and plugin boutique. TDR koltenikov GE compresser is £10 on boutique and I’ve just bought Adptr Metric AB for $36 from pluginalliance

  3. Oh man what a pity it doesn’t include Nectar. I bought the Elements Suite on a sale last year and Nectar blew my mind. I’m definitely upgrading when I find a nice sale! Also I bought Neoverb for $25 on a Black Friday deal!

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