Tukan Studios Releases FREE Dynamic EQ For Reaper


Tukan Studios release Dynamic EQ, a free dynamic equalizer plugin for Cockos Reaper.

As a long-time Reaper user, there is certainly quite a lot to like about the platform. The DAW is heavily extensible and allows developers and other enterprising individuals to leverage the robust scripting support to create their own plugins.

Tukan Studios is one such developer, and Dynamic EQ is their latest.

Free dynamic EQs are a bit rare to come across (and TDR Nova is the best one) than the bog standard parametric and graphical sorts, and Tukan Studios have added a worthy entry to the free plugin pantheon. It is a Reaper-exclusive effect and will require you to have a Reaper license to use it effectively.

Dynamic EQ is a simple installation. You’ll need SWS and Reapack. After adding the Tukan Studios repo, you get access to not just the Dynamic EQ but a whole slew of processors.

The plugin’s interface calls to mind classic hardware like the API 550 EQ. There are three individual bands with two shelves rounding out the selection. A full spectrum view is present, which corresponds well to the various changes and adjustments you might make. It gives appropriate visual feedback when engaging the dynamic bands.

The dynamic bands are easy to access, with each shelf or filter having a simple D button placed below the more typical controls. From there, you can adjust the range of the dynamic processing, sensitivity, and control the envelope of the processing itself.

Beyond Dynamic EQ, Tukan Studios has dozens of free JS plugins available. The reverbs on offer here are a lot of fun, and the retro interfaces are well done.

Tukan’s delay selection is quite diverse, and all the effects are extremely flexible. There are also tape sims, EQs, compressors, limiters, de-noisers, console sims, and quite a bit of metering. The console sims are a personal favorite and make for a great alternative to things like Waves NLS or Sonimus A-Console.

Tukan Studios only offers Reaper plugins, so those looking for VST or AAX are out of luck. Reaper runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. An installation of SWS and Reapack is required.

Download: Tukan Dynamic EQ (see the YouTube video description for the download link)


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  1. It worth notice that some JS effects can be run ion other daw using ReaJS VST form the ReaPlugs collection, on REAPER website. I dont know if it is the case for this one but it worths the try.

    • There are some really awesome ones. However, I stopped using JS plugins in other DAWs when I realized they don’t report latency, which can sometimes be problematic. Assuming that isn’t the case if used inside Reaper?

    • Why do you think that TDR Nova is the best free dynamic EQ? 🤔 I don’t think so. ToneBoosters Equalizer 4 demo limitations are only nag screen at start and not possible to save presets. No noises or whatsoewer… That’s all. It’s resizable, fully functional, much lower on CPU than Nova… 🤷‍♂️

      • IKE literally posted the GitHub link to download it. Just scroll down the page to “Download development builds” section and download the format and OS you want it for.

        • You haven’t tried it. It doesn’t exist.

          Error 404 – Not Found
          GitHub produced an error for the download of artifact #314987316.

          Usually this means that the artifact has expired (>90 days).

  2. I can’t figure out how to get Reapack to download this… it’s in the repository but it’s in the “beta” section of the XML so it doesn’t show up.

  3. There’s also one other dynamic EQ in JSFX format that is worth checking out: Mr Elwood EQall.



    It’s even more powerful than the Tukan dynamic EQ. 10 bands, different filter shapes, L/R or M/S choices per band, soft/medium/hard knee, sidechain input and so on. It’s probably the closest thing to Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 in JSFX format.

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