Get Guitar Rig 6 LE Or Cableguys Timeshaper 3 FREE With Any Purchase At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers Guitar Rig 6 LE or Timeshaper 3 as a free gift with any purchase until February 28th, 2023.

The only thing better than getting a great deal on a plugin is getting a deal and a free plugin to go with it. Case in point: Plugin Boutique is offering up Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE or Cableguys Timeshaper 3 with any purchase this month.

Guitar Rig 6 LE

Guitar Rig 6 LE is a cut-down version of the Native Instruments guitar amp suite. There is a little more to offer here than the free Guitar Rig 6 Player, giving some more tweakable options and effects.

As you probably already know, Guitar Rig is a wonderful suite of effects, suitable not just for guitar and bass but for anything else that needs distorting and further mangling.

You won’t be loading your own custom IRs or what have you in the sim, but there’s certainly quite a bit to enjoy, and the included amps cover various genres.

TimeShaper 3

The other choice is TimeShaper 3 by Cableguys, a sonic manipulator concerned with the passage of time.

TimeShaper 3 is like a beefed-up version of Cableguys’ own Half-Time but goes far deeper than it. Users are able to string together envelopes and create intense sequences where time and pitch speed up and slow down. It is well suited for a variety of genres and can even mimic tape stops and vinyl scratches with a little envelope tweaking.

TimeShaper 3 has the added benefit of giving a crossgrade bonus for those looking to get into the whole ShaperBox suite.

Get The Freebies

Thankfully, if you have more than one purchase planned out, you can just space them out and get both freebies. This also coincides with Plugin Boutique’s birthday bash, celebrating 11 years since they opened up.

Both freebies only last until February 28th, so be quick if you want to add either of these to your production toolbox.

Guitar Rig 6 LE is available for Windows and Mac computers. Users can choose between VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats, whereas Mac users get AU. There are, thankfully, Apple Silicon-compatible binaries.

ShaperBox 3 is also available for Windows and Mac. Windows users have the option of VST, VST3, and AAX. Mac users can choose from VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. There are Apple Silicon-compatible binaries available from Cableguys as well.

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  1. Computer Music issue 319 (April 2023) has just been published. It comes with Tracktion Waveform Free + LoFreq Classic Synth ($79 value)

  2. Guitar Rig LE is worth a look, it is a rather heavily cut down version of Guitar Rig, but still features:
    5 Amps
    2 Cabs
    25 FX
    6 modifiers
    9 Helpers

    • Convex Multi FX by Glitchmachines (£3.95)
      A multi FX tool can always turn out handy sometime or later, or just for fun

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