Syndicate Is A $15 Plugin Chainer by White Elephant Audio (+FREE Effects)


White Elephant Audio offers the Syndicate VST2/VST3/AU plugin chainer for $15 (the first $500 proceeds to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine) and several freeware plugins.

The plugins were released last year, but since they went almost completely under the radar, we decided to feature them in Bedroom Producers Blog’s news section.

Syndicate Plugin Chainer

It always feels a bit odd to discuss plugins that host other plugins.

Sometimes they serve a workflow purpose like the recently released KSHMR chain, but others can go into the wild territory like Syndicate. Now Syndicate isn’t a free plugin, but by paying the minimum price of $15, you get access to all future updates when the plugin is officially released.

Syndicate allows you to load and chain together all manner of plugins and reminds me quite a bit of some of the work you can do with Bitwig. Now, Bitwig users will likely find little to get excited by assigning modulators to their favorite plugins, but as a long-time Reaper user, it is quite exciting.

Syndicate hosts VST2, VST3, and AU plugins and allows for many processing modes. Plugins can be split into series, parallel, multiband, left/right, or mid/side. This effectively allows for the transformation of your favorite compressors into multiband monsters or mid/side dynamics controllers

To simply reduce Syndicate to that basic feature set is a disservice, however.

Of special note with Syndicate is the inclusion of macros and modulators. Users have no maximum of modulators they can assign, so you can throw LFOs and envelope generators on a multitude of parameters. This works wonders on time and space-oriented plugins and transforms static effects into ones with movement and liveliness.

Of course, you can certainly throw it into utter chaos, but that’s half the fun, after all.

White Elephant Audio has released Syndicate for $15, with the first $500 in proceeds going towards supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Syndicate is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. No documentation provided by the developer indicates whether Syndicate is Apple Silicon compatible, but that may be something more fully realized upon the release of the full version.

MONSTR Multi-Band Stereo Imager

MONSTR by White Elephant Audio.

MONSTR is a freeware multi-band stereo imaging plugin. It offers up to six frequency bands with adjustable stereo width.

You can use MONSTR to perform basic multi-band stereo width adjustments, such as setting the bass frequencies to mono while keeping the rest of the signal wide.

Or, you can use it for fine-tuning the stereo width of the entire mix, with the ability to widen certain areas of the frequency spectrum.

Carve Two-Stage Distortion

Carve is a two-stage distortion plugin. Each distortion stage offers six waveforms; you can set the gain, tweak, and volume parameters independently.

The routing can be parallel or serial. Carve also features a Mix slider, so you can apply a subtle distortion layer if needed.

Richter Modulator

Richter by White Elephant Audio.

Richter by White Elephant Audio.

Richter is an amplitude modulator with two LFOs that allow you to create complex modulation shapes.

You can use Richter as a faux-sidechain compressor, a tremolo, or a complex volume modulation effect.

More info: White Elephant Audio

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  2. Hi, this looks interesting.

    You mentioned this was quite exciting for reaper users, but I’m a little confused.

    How does the modulation differ from reapers innate parameter modulation where you can assign audio control signals, midi triggers, or LFOs to any of the FX parameter inside a VST?


    • That’s a fair question :) It seems that lot of people don’t realize how powerful Reaper parameter modulation is.

    • Well, I was confused as well, but I guess he meant that, being used to modulation in Reaper, this is nice to see a chain plugin that would offer this Reaper functionality to other DAWs. Only my guess, though…

    • At first, I thought it was weird and inappropriate for this place(I normally read the comments first) but then I read “chainer for $15 (the first $500 proceeds to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine).” and it totally made sense. I’m not saying that I agree with his comment but it totally makes sense posting it here becasue that part of the article kinda makes room for his comment

      • Febbie Ivaaden (Febbs!)


        That’s what I like about this post really, but he doesn’t have to say those specific words tbh, Not that I’m offended or an activist but it sounds weird to read in a blog like this…

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