GPU Audio Releases FREE Beta Suite: Space & Time Bundle


GPU Audio releases the Space & Time Bundle, a free plugin beta suite containing an IR convolver, a reverb, and a delay plugin.

Delays and reverbs are probably the most swollen subset of my plugin folder behind compressors. There is something inspiring about adding space and character to sounds, and I always make room for plugins that make room.

GPU Audio has introduced its second installment of the free Beta Suite, the Space & Time Bundle. There are three plugins present, all using the innovative tech GPU Audio has been pushing since the release of its first reverb.

The most basic is the FIR Convolver, your typical IR loader. There are two controls of note, a rotary knob for selecting your IR of choice and a wet/dry knob. The included IRs are excellent, and naturally, you can provide your own to get longer tails or lusher spaces.

Delay is a rather flexible delay. The left and right taps can be set to ping-pong and looping modes. Each delay line also has its own bandpass filter, handy for sweeping out those heavy lows and highs.

The time controls on the delay itself can be set independently, which makes it a rather flexible delay unit. Each of the bandpass filters has some saturation, which is a personal favorite feature to have. It is a straight and to-the-point delay with a good amount of charm and flexibility.

FIReverb rounds the collection out and blends IRs with algorithmic reverbs. You can use it as a simple IR loader, but that would be doing it a great disservice. Instead, you can take advantage of the algorithmic portion of the reverb itself to add longer times and control the early and late reflections.

A source for modulation of the reverb tail is missing, but aside from that, it calls to mind the Hybrid Reverb from Ableton Live. This is the stand-out of the collection, in my personal opinion, and is a fun reverb to play with when fed from your own supply of IRs.

GPU Audio’s Space & Time Bundle is available for Windows and MacOS. VST3 plugins are provided for both OSes, and Apple users can use Apple Silicon native binaries.

Download: GPU Audio Space & Time Bundle 


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  1. I installed it and had an error while scanning for new plugins. It doesn’t show in the plugins list. Reaper.

    Runtime error. This application has requested runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

    I’ll try again in a few months. It looks promising!

  2. The Space & Time bundle is not available for the Mac which, considering the Convolver did not work with the Mac M1 chip very well anyway, that we’ll be waiting a while for them, shame.

  3. Thanks for this great review and your smart play on word ;-)
    Unfortunately, it seems that the suite is only available for Win (only the convolver is mac friendly :/ )
    That should be an update…

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