Spitfire Audio Releases FREE LABS Classic Synths


Spitfire Audio releases LABS Classic Synths, a free collection of vintage analog synthesizer sounds for the LABS virtual instrument.

You all know the drill by now, I’m sure: another month equals another LABS instrument. This month brings Classic Synths, a collection of vintage analog synthesizers ideal for all sorts of genres.

LABS has been a boon for producers looking for great sampled instruments but not wanting to break the bank. Classic Synths brings with it the unstable and noisy sounds of analog synthesis without the need for sound design.

The pads present in Classic Synths ooze with movement and liveliness and would do great in house, downtempo, and chillwave quite easily. There is a fair bit of that Boards of Canada flair about some of them, so you can conjure up the heyday of Warp Records from the sanctity of your own home.

Spitfire Audio describes the collection as “A versatile toolbox of rare and iconic vintage synths, including a MOOG Minimoog, ARP Quadra, Sequential Pro-One, and a Roland Juno 60.”

They are inviting users to “Explore a range of unstable, wave-like pads, characterful bass sounds, and short, noisy plucks — all tweakable with onboard filter and reverb controls.”

Classic Synths is a grab bag of other sounds beyond just pads, with snappy rubbery plucks. The keys and plucks present beg for sequencing and would probably be well suited for Modalics’ free EON arp or other sequencers of your choosing.

The bass sounds are equally stellar and have a body and richness that help fill in the low end. These are a personal favorite from my short time testing out the latest release, and I can see myself using some of these for my own productions going forward.

Sound design options are kept to a minimum in LABS. You have the option of adjusting filter cutoff and reverb, which is plenty for some of these.

Spitfire has consistently delivered excellent instruments to their LABS line, and the latest addition is a welcome entry. As with all other LABS instruments, this is a free forever collection of samples available in the freeware LABS plugin.

System requirements for LABS are rather flexible, with support for Windows and Mac computers on 64-bit hosts. Available plugin formats are VST, VST3, AAX, and AU. Spitfire also has native Apple Silicon support along with Intel Macs.

Download: Spitfire Audio Classic Synths


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    • Yeah. That’s about 180meg per patch. Long multi-samples at a high sample & bit rate Definitely more than a few notes per octave so it doesn’t take long for the HDD space to get filled.
      Speaking from someone who has IK Multimedia Syntronik 1&2…. LABS instruments are pretty small lol 😅

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