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Modalics offers the EON ($29 value) arpeggiator plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Arpeggiators are indispensable for synths, and it’s always a delight to see solid plugins taking them on. While Cthulhu and BlueARP have served faithfully for many a year, Modalics has thrown their hat into the ring with EON.

EON is an immensely deep arpeggiator. While it functions just fine as your typical arpeggiator, it has a number of functions that sets it apart from others.

The first thing to note regarding EON is that it is polyphonic, meaning you aren’t solely constrained to playing back notes in a monophonic manner. This opens up a lot of potential for constructing plucks, sequencing out chords with some groove, or whatever else might suit it.

Steps and pitch are fully controllable, which you would expect for an arpeggiator. Where it departs from conventional arpeggiator designs though, though, is in its implementation of key switchable snapshots. This lets you construct numerous arpeggiator patterns and assign keys to trigger any of the eight available slots.

If you’re after steadily evolving arps, coupling EON with some automation should lead to endless hours of fun.

Modalics has extended the highly flexible sequencing seen in their Beat Scholar plugin to EON, giving a melodic and harmonic counterpart to its percussive sibling. While this doesn’t work as a fully realized step sequencer, it has a lot of deep control to get things rolling.

Polyrhythms aren’t an issue for EON either, so you can create some truly wild melodic sequences which weave in and out of the rhythm of your track.

But enough of telling you what EON is about. It’s free for now, so you can download and test it in your DAW.

If you’d like to add this wonderfully flexible arpeggiator to your collection, head on over to Modalics and grab yourself a free license by entering the coupon code FreeYourArp at checkout.

EON is available for Windows and Mac computers. Windows users have the option of using VST, VST3, AAX, or a standalone app. Mac users have the option between Intel and Silicon binaries and have the option between VST, VST3, AAX, AU, and standalone apps.

Download: Modalics EON (use coupon code FreeYourArp at checkout)


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  1. CYM10 code is valid at Cymatics for the next 48 hours, this means a user can get for free for example their sample bundles:

    Producer Royale Contest Kit on sale costing $10 (reg $110)

    7 for 7 anniversary bundle on sale costing $7 (reg $75)

    • It seems there is no option to enter the discount code if you only put that single item in your cart
      But it can be applied anyway:
      1. Put something else in the cart
      2. Apply discount code on the checkout screen
      3. Keep this tab with the checkout screen open
      4. On another browser tab, add the Producer Royale Contest Kit to your cart
      5. On the previous tab, click Edit Cart from the checkout screen
      6. Remove the first item you added, leaving only the Contest Kit
      7. Proceed to checkout -> discount code is applied (= free)

      Now you also get a $10 “gift card” in your mailbox after your “purchase”, meaning you can also “buy” the 7 for 7 bundle right after :)

      • Thanks for the update!
        I just bought the One Shots pack they have that cost $5 and I could use the $10 code to get that for free

      • thx! worked as a charm!

        also, after the “purchase” got an e-mail with another goodies – to download 3 free packs and Flash $3 Sample Pack Deals offering like 26 packs for only $3 each, including:
        Flavor – Drum Loops for $3 instead of $35
        Bounce – Hi-Hat Loops and MIDI for $3 instead of $25
        Gems Vol. 7 – Drill Melodies for $3 instead of $20
        and others

        this Flash $3 Sample Pack Deals $3 offering ends in about 2 days and 22 hrs

        so used gift card in full :)

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