Get coreFX VolumeFormer FREE From Magix For A Limited Time


Magix offers the coreFX VolumeFormer ($24.99 value) plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Few effects are as ubiquitous to modern dance music as the sidechain. This is typically achieved with compressors, as I’m sure most folks know, but it can be done in a few other ways. A personal friend of mine uses volume automation, while others use old standbys like LFOTool and Kickstart to achieve the same effect.

For those wanting to get a little sidechaining without paying, look no further than the coreFX VolumeFormer from Magix. Magix is offering up their volume shaper free until April 2nd.

VolumeFormer operates similarly to KickStart or Devious Machines’ Duck in a sense. They all operate by manipulating the gain of an audio signal rather than by affecting the dynamics of the signal.

I prefer this because I can use my own compressors to dial in the level of dynamic control on the actual audio signal while still ducking it out of the way of the kick.

The usual suspects for controls are present, with the sidechain trigger, manual trigger, and timing being accounted for. You can also draw in custom envelopes, which are handy for more creative effects and the like. The envelope is quite flexible, allowing not just for custom points but also curvature and allowing for exponential or linear envelope stages.

VolumeFormer has a depth adjustment as well, for more gradual sidechaining. The metering is clear and clean, and the visualization of the waveform in the center of the interface is a nice touch.

The envelope itself can also be set as a gated output, which seems to work just fine. I wouldn’t reach for this as my first dynamics processor, but it certainly has its merits for a quick pumping pad or rolling bass.

VolumeFormer ordinarily goes for $24.99, but it can be quite hard to argue with the cost of nothing. It is a tidy little package for getting that “dancehall feel” to your productions.

Supported operating systems for this plugin are Windows and macOS. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, AU, and AAX. Magix doesn’t seem to have native Apple Silicon compatibility, with their most recently supported Mac version being 10.15 or Catalina.

The free download offer ends on April 2nd, 2023.

Download: coreFX VolumeFormer 


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  1. Muito parecido com o Flux Mini 2 da Caelum Audio, porém também, um incrível plugin para o arsenal de qualquer produtor!

    • Até que enfim um lusofono!!! foi o que pensei logo que vi esse plugin, ja testou? to pensando em baixar pra ver se vale a pena msm ou não

  2. Bastiaan de Jong


    Free alternatives often miss something like the shift feature in my experience (which changes the timing of the lfo). This is extremely useful in my opinion. Subtle changes in timing can change the feel of the music a lot. Thanks for sharing this great product!

  3. Thanks. This was a very easy transaction, no hoop jumping, just click on the free download, and login to get the download :-)

  4. WARNING – the installer stinks, for multiple reasons:
    1. it is for the coreFX suite, not just Volume Former – so it installs 8 other plug-ins in addition to Volume Former
    2. it installs VST2, VST3, and AAX versions of all the plugins, with no option to deselect versions you don’t want/need
    3. it doesn’t ask for paths for each of the versions, but just stuffs them into default locations – that may be fine in most cases, but particularly when it’s installing stuff you may not even want/need it sucks

    no thanks – I’m uninstalling

    • On Windows, the OS sandbox can be used to extract the desired plugin format. This can be then placed where desired, along with any other extractions.

  5. UPDATE – it is possible to uninstall the VST2, VST3, and AAX versions separately – so I considered just removing the VST2 and AAX versions and at least trying the Volume Former – but decided to just remove them all – but wanted to mention this since others may want to give it a go

    • Extract the downloaded “corefxsuite.exe” file with Universal Extractor (freeware), this yields several sub-folders, one each for VST2 and VST3. Then try and install the plugin from VST2 folder to get only that installed

  6. After many months of use in various projects, there is still a current problem with this VST using FL Studio even on other computers, and that is that the effect of the envelope is out of sync with the rhythm, sometimes it simply does not work or does other rhythms, enough with this

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