Get FREE Mastering The Mix Limiter + Mixing Course (EXPIRED)

41 offers a free mixing course and a free copy of the Limiter plugin by Mastering the Mix, but you’ll need to act quick because the signup form closes in 24 hours.

Looking to improve your mixing skills? You can start by reading our mixing guide.

Once you’ve covered the basics, you can brush up your skills with’s free Fix-The-Mix challenge that includes a free copy of Mastering The Mix’s Limiter plugin.

However, you must act fast because the free Fix-The-Mix challenge ends soon.

Fix-The-Mix is a three-day event, with everything kicking off on March 21st at 10AM Pacific Time. Over the next three days, promises to teach some crucial techniques to improve your audio workflow.

Day 1 consists of mastering techniques, teaching critical listening, and how to effectively use an equalizer and compressor. These are absolutely crucial skills, as I’m sure you all know. But it might be worth a look if you’ve ever wondered how a specific parameter works on a compressor.

Day 2 covers mixing techniques. Volume balancing, vocal mixing, and the use of reverb and delay are covered here.

The final day, Day 3, is a more comprehensive view of the mix and mastering process. A full walkthrough and breakdown of mixing choices are on the itinerary, followed by a live mastering session.

Attendees will also get the chance to use their newly developed critical listening skills to hear the before and after of the mixing and mastering process.

Attendees will additionally receive a free copy of the Limiter plugin courtesy of Mastering The Mix. This looks in line with the rest of their software line and might be worth a look if you don’t have a mastering limiter of choice.

Improve your mixing skills and get Mastering The Mix's Limiter for free.

Improve your mixing skills and get Mastering The Mix’s Limiter for free.

The coaches available for this three-day session are Caleb Loveless and Jake Kodweis. Caleb Loveless is the co-owner of Slowave Studios and Black Fox Mastering and has worked as an engineer for the last 25 years. Jake Kodweis is a musician and producer who has worked actively in the industry for 18 years.

While these courses may not turn you into a professional engineer overnight, there is some benefit to laying down the groundwork necessary for critical listening and being able to identify what a mix or master may need.

For home producers, this could be a great crash course on effectively using the tools in your mixing toolbox. If you’ve ever wondered about what the attack and release of a compressor do, then it will be worth the plunge.

Sign-ups end tomorrow, right before classes are intended to begin, so move quickly.

Sign up now: Fix-The-Mix (offer expired)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


  1. I got the Animate plug-in from Mastering the Mix here in BPB and they emailed me about this crash course. Luckily for me I’m on vacation this week and I’ll be able to join the course. Also they send me regular emails with some very interesting mixing tips (and also nice deals of their products). I think every opportunity to learn a new skill is important and the freebie comes as a nice bonus! I’ve seen some demo videos os their plug-ins from when I got Animate and I am very excited about Mastering the Mix plug-ins!

  2. Feel free to correct me on this; but after I signed up I saw a discussion within the group about the course actually being $17 a ticket. You then claim this back if you’re not 100% happy with the course. If true this isn’t strictly a free course.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      From the info I received, it is a “free 3-day mastering workshop that usually costs $9 but will be offered for free. And all attendees get LIMITER free of charge. It’s happening next on Tuesday, 21st March, and people can sign up to enter.”

  3. I have done all the steps, but how do I get the free limiter? I haven’t received anything about it, I’ve also seen the videos on skoll but I can’t find any code or link, thanks!

  4. It’s not free. The ticket for this event cost $17. They don’t offer a free mixing course and a free copy of the Limiter plugin.

  5. If you use the link in the post above then it adds the discount code for the course to be free. Just signed up!

  6. I think it is free, but they are selling it too. Which is, being polite, confusing. But I received the link for the Zoom Meeting. And I assume you too. So that would be all, right? At the end of the course, or during the course they would be giving the Limiter. That’s what I’m thinking. Although it would be nice some precise information.

  7. It seems I either have a glitch going on or this is normal and they send the plugin at the end of the challenge/course. I never got the e-mail of being invited to the challenge like the landing page (after the VIP offer) says, but I got one with the subject line “Mike x Fix-The-Mix – done this yet?” with a Zoom link and no plugin download. The 3 minute timer on the landing page restarts every time I refresh, but every time I check my inbox and spam folder I see no such e-mail.

    I guess I’ll wait a few days out and see what happens.

    • this happened to me too, I only got what appeared to be a follow up email ( I’m using protonmail) ended up using Gmail and I got the verification/registration email.

      You only have 20 hours left to redeem so I wouldn’t risk waiting it out if you want access to the course and the limiter.

  8. this is a free 3 day course, using the above link removes the 17 dollar price, when you sign up to skool you get an email comfirming you have a ticket to the event, when event is live the code for plugin should be released live .
    cheers bpb !!

  9. “Go to your email inbox now and look for an email with the subject line “Michael Gilbride invited you to join Fix-The-Mix™ Challenge”

    Anyone else not able to finish the registration process? Using protonmail.

    I received an email from caleb titled “____x Fix-The-Mix – done this yet?” though, which appears to be some kind of follow up to what I was supposed to get. :shrug:

  10. “Tickets are $17 for this event. We’re also including a 30-day guarantee — so you can attend the full 3-day challenge and THEN decide if we deserve your money.”

    And now I have to write and account deletion request…

    • It actually says “100% Discount Code Applied”, on the sign up page. I don’t know what to think now. We’ll see, I guess.

    • Also, you might want to check the “zoom” app’s preferences for your computers microphone, as zoom accesses your microphone (and camera) by default. Theres an option to turn off your microphone in the app’s preferences if needed

  11. I thought there was supposed to be a free plugin included?!?! They make you sign up for some class and give your PHONE NUMBER only to get nothing in return. I gave that info thinking I was getting something in return. Nope, just a link to some website. It’s all very vague, and that’s on purpose. If you are signing up thinking there will be a link for a plugin or something, there isn’t. I’m sure you will be forced to watch their stuff in order to receive the plugin. That’s not what the marketing said. It said there was a course AND a free plugin. Not there is a course you have to take, then you can have a plugin. I’ve heard these guys are a bit shady. They partnered with Unison Audio 🤮!!

  12. I find it hilarious that there are this many people that refuse to read the article…

    “Attendees will additionally receive a free copy of the Limiter plugin courtesy of Mastering The Mix.”

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Correct, I just checked with Mastering The Mix, and they approved that the freebie will be given away during the course. So, you’ll need to attend the course to get the free plugin.

  13. Thanks BPB for publishing this, I followed an excellent, informative audio masterclass, free of any marketing/sales pitch as too often see in these “webinars”. It was more than 1hour and a half long, and right now we are in the middle of a super “mix only with volume” session … that will be more than 3 hours long !

    There is a free plugin as a bonus, but I did not come there for that!

    • Jiri aka Rivermint


      Yes, I can confirn that the webinar is very good and its three days session. Web got free plugin – good limiter. Thank you very much Tomislav for this. Very much apreciated. I saw some people here complaining, but seriously nothing to be complained about. When some users are not sure, dont publish your biased? and uncorrect information. Looking at you Alex and others. This is legit and for free – this is insane deal/offer. So big thx all who done this.

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