Karanyi Sounds Debut FREE Lofi Lite Virtual Instrument


Karanyi Sounds released Lofi Lite, a lo-fi virtual instrument that is currently available for FREE download.

The low-fidelity craze doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Karanyi Sounds is offering up Lofi Lite, a cutdown version of its Lofi Keys, for free. It may be a slimmed-down package, but it still packs some interesting sound sources with some great effects.

Lofi Lite has only four sound sources, but they’ve been handpicked to provide a unique selection of sounds to pull from. There are a fair few controls for sound manipulation as well, allowing for some creative sound design.

You can blend between the sound sources, as well as tune them by cents or octaves. The sound sources themselves err towards keys with the wonderfully mellow electric piano being a personal favorite. They all sound wonderfully worn and imperfect, living up to the plugin’s name.

Modulation can be applied to the sounds, giving subtle to extreme ranges for tremolo and wow like a worn-out cassette. Subtle movement adds quite a bit more character to the sounds, and the wow is a nice inclusion.

It comes with three effects that are perfect for imparting dusty vibes and a sense of space. The algorithms themselves are taken from some of Karanyi’s other products.

Dimension is a modulation effect, with three algorithms for chorusing and flanging. Keen users will probably recognize the full version of this was given away for free not too long ago, but having it included as a built-in effect is nice.

T-Color provides saturation and distortion. Controls for this one are simple, and higher values correspond to higher harmonics.

Space is the final effect, acting as a reverb with three separate algorithms. This works well with the included sound sources, and it certainly has its own character.

Controls adorn the bottom for quickly enabling the sounds, effects, and the dry/wet mixture for the effects.

All said, Lofi Lite is a fine little instrument – It may lack the multitude of sound sources seen in its larger sibling, but it provides some inspiration for those stuck in yesteryear.

Lofi Lite is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. Apple Silicon and Intel support are both provided.

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Download: Lofi Lite


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    • The Sound Sources are to the left in the GUI, if you click on Lofi Pianet and LoPiano it brings up four choices for each: Bitmap Luigi, Lofi Pianet, Lofi Piano and Poly Citylight

  1. Freetakt by Ability Instruments is a new free sampler/sample player. Freetakt is an alternative to the paid Kontakt, it offers powerful features and an intuitive interface, and a vast library of high-quality samples and support for plugins and integration with other DAWs.

    • Sounds more like a chatbot-generated sales page. Powerful features. Intuitive interface. For those who don’t want to compromise sound quality. Woot. Vast libraries.

      They have two sound packs for download (the others are “unavailable”. Vast, I know. The second one is a 3.1 megabyte “worship drum” that certainly won’t compromise sound quality.

  2. Lessismore74, you might have downloaded Lofi Lite Redux Free Lightweight, which only has half a sample. You can win-cmd-triple click on the drop shadow of the logo to uncover a hidden email field to unlock a trial membership template for one quarter extra sample.

  3. Matthew B. Carter


    I grabbed this plugin from BPB when I first saw it posted and made an in depth review if anyone wants to check it out! I go over everything in the plugin and this video also applies to the paid version basically.

    Link to video:

    Overall the plugin can generate some good sounds and has unique controls, but there are a few drawbacks that I noticed when testing it for the video.

    A few things I didn’t like:
    – Noise module has too few controls
    – The FX modules can’t be rearranged in the chain
    – The labelling of what the controls do isn’t great
    – Would like to see independent ADSR envelopes for
    each sound source and the noise source.

    What I liked:
    – Sound sources are high quality
    – FX modules sound good but have limited controls
    – Good dry/wet matrix for FX
    – LOVE the randomization features (every plugin
    should have this)

    Overall it’s a pretty limited and genre specific instrument, but has some convincing sounds and effects.

    Thanks a lot if you check out my video!

  4. Gotta say, the Karanyi Sounds website and Checkout process is an absolute ball-ache – I don’t know if anybody else has found this too, have they…?

    Firstly,I couldn’t complete the Checkout process via the Gumroad link that pops up, as there is nowhere to paste the copied Free Download Code.

    As such, making an assumption (an offering a fervent prayer) that the Free Offer has not already expired, I have sent Karanyi Sounds a message via the helpdesk support offshoot, which I had to set up an account for – the link to their Helpdesk platform is: KaranyiSounds.Zendesk.com

    Then, just to compound the hassle and frustration yet further, it turns out you cannot use these login credentials to sign in to their main website – no,you need to create separate account for that.

    And to top it all, you cannot set-up an account on their Main site until you’ve actually made a purchase on either a Free or Paid for item. I mean HELLO… talk about unnecessarily convoluted. Geez, I need a strong cup of coffee, or perhaps even something considerably stronger! ;-)

    Ugh, sorry folks, not meaning to sound like such a whinging old grump… but it would certainly be interesting to hear if anyone else has had similar”issues” with the checkout process for this VST.

    Cheers all, and thanks for the initial heads-up, Mr Frady!

    (hmmm, perhaps I should have led with that sentiment instead really…) *facepalm*

    • Yeah, I have the same problem. I tried to go through the checkout process maybe 20 times to be sure I am doing it right :D I’ve contacted their support too, so we shall see. I think the offer simply expired and they just did not updated their web.

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